"No One Cares About Your Degree When You Drive A Lamborghini"

Neegam Nain
Mar 19, 2019   •  381 views

"No one cares about your degree when you drive a Lamborghini"

I absolutely agree with the above statement that not even a single person is going to ask about your degree when you drive a Lamborghini but no one states that before driving you must own a Lamborghini.

Your consistent hard work and persistence let you live your dreams. These quotes are affecting the current generation in two ways they either get motivate or distract an individual and let them make castles in the air.

If you are famous then no one will inquire about your past and qualifications. Actually, your past and education transforms and evolves you to become a better person with experiences.

Today's generation has been fooled by these quotes. When a person doesn't find any possible reason they bombard you with these significant quotes.

Start turning your dreams into reality, if an individual is not interested in pursuing a degree, start following your passion with dedication because actions speak louder than words.

If you want to be an entrepreneur then start developing your ideas in black and white. An idea in the brain will be turned into junk. Work hard on your dreams.

I accept the fact that degree doesn't measure your capabilities only if your passion is strong enough to speak for itself. Look at the famous examples of people who didn't complete their degree but doing well in their life, they worked on their passion, they polished their expertness to become "the best" in their field.

Not everyone can smash the theories and hypothesis given by scientists but that doesn't insinuate your potential. Every individual is different if someone is not good at something, he/she might be exceptional in another field.

Find your passion and start working on it then one day nobody would care about your degree even if you own a Lamborghini or not. Success is measured by how content and serene you are by accomplishing your desires.

P.S: We usually find excuses not to work on our dreams, we are afraid of "What if", what if I will fail? What if I look like a fool? don't belittle people who have dreams, don't demotivate them, let them go on their path, let them commit mistakes, at least they will learn and they won't regret that they didn't even try to achieve what they wanted rather they achieved something more.