"Dreams" Failure Vs Kidney Failure!

Tarnima Adham
Sep 05, 2019   •  116 views

Dreams may come true! Circulating in my brain, thinking about achieving my unlimited dreams. I just have thought of how difficult is that! But can my brain push these dark signals away from reaching my pure soul?

I completely believe that any way has no end. The same as the circulation or the passage of blood in your body. It is continuous! It never comes out of your body except in emergency situations or during certain kinds of treatments. Let's get started with the disease and then we'll gonna mention the treatment. Let we consider that the fatal disease is the “Haemorrhage”. Haemorrhage represents losing your dreams and getting them away from your body. Suppose having 5 dreams, each expresses a liter of blood. If you lose more than half the amount of blood in your body, you'll going to die! The same occurs when you lose more than half the quantity of your achievable dreams, you will die internally but externally it seems to be normal..someone is talking inside your poor body .. some voices are heard , only by you and from you to you again.. Why are you still alive? Why are you struggling in a way you decided to end yourself! Suicide is the combination of the two cases i’ve mentioned. Suicide is formed from broken hopes, dreams and intentions to end your miserable life. You pick up your hard tool, allowing its passage in your indispensable body, losing your pure blood and pure dreams until your death is announced. This script is so boring that it doesn't work. So what about pushing all these negative ideas and thoughts away from you?

It is generally known that kidney failure is treated through kidney dialysis. Why are we talking about the kidney? It had nothing to do with this topic! If you're thinking about this, you are wrong, dear. The main role of the kidney is removing waste products from our blood. Still don't get it! Let you know that kidney dialysis is the process through which blood is filtrated from excess water and toxins. Let's assume that your blood contents are your dreams , your positive thoughts and ideas ,the toxins are your negative thoughts and the excess water represent excess dreams that interrupt your normal passage of achievements. During kidney dialysis you get rid of excess water but you still need water to be alive ,you still need " dreams" as well. Do not blame yourself for kidney or " dreams" failure but blame yourself for not starting the suitable treatment . Start filtrating your blood , Start filtrating your dreams and thoughts . Start your own " Dream replacement therapy",know what is going to benefit you and what is gonna be exhausting to your weary soul. Finally , remember that the only one that stops you from fulfilling your dreams is " You" ! So, start changing your boring life and keep in your mind the fact that if your determination and your faith in god is strong enough , you can achieve all of your unlimited lovely dreams.

after we knew that and how to help ourselves we should help other people to overcome this !and let we get into something which isn't familiar and is so interesting to most of you.

it is generally known that only human of all beings decided to end their lives by themselves but actually some species of animals commit suicide ,too. it is reported that some dogs and dolphins committed suicide after being left by their owners.

Is suicide good even in one case ? you won't expect this answer but yes !

suicide is good when we are talking about some species of non-human animals , as it takes place in another definition , another way and for the sake of saving others’ lives. For example, Acyrthosiphon pisum which is commonly known as aphid insect explode themselves in an effort to scare off the predators . Colobopsis saundersi , a worker which has the ability to explode suicidally and agressively as an ultimate act of defense.

Finally, go and achieve your dreams and never let someone stop you .. help people to overcome their depression , even if there is no depression help them to overcome their bad moods . treat people well and finally treat your pet animals well.



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