'Peace' one sensation that will never be felt by a "single-beautiful Kanya".

" Are you single? didn't you find anyone? when will you be ready for the relationship? why did you break-up?"

My dear when will you understand that bugging a woman only drives her crazy and that makes her run away. Please don't think that all women fantasize to come into a relationship. She demands some fresh SINGLE AIR. So, keep away till you get some signs. Let her give liberty of being with herself. Permit her to explore the thoughts running into her mind. Let her sort out things by herself. If you can't extend a helping hand to her then stay away. But, my dear, it is not into your genes to understand this basic hu. Allow the maiden to flourish, she is also a human being, she has emotions to as she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeves.

She might be not into the sorrowful state that doesn't indicate that she is available. Stop categorising all women into a single category. If you force yourself onto her with the intentions of a relationship that will surely make her run away. Let her admire her singlehood with all the freedom it possesses. That doesn't reciprocate that she is going through a depression or dealing with despondence.

Today people have become more eccentric as they are more curious whether you are committed or not. Seriously? Today being in a relationship is a trouble-free task than being single as 'single tag' is taken as a sign of availability and when she replies "I am not interested", she will be bombarded with questions like " DILL TOOTA HAI KYA (ARE YOU HEARTBROKEN)". For some questions, the silence only works well. Sometimes it flows on unintentionally, you can't blame someone.

-Anonymous feelings

Here I am summing up here as I don't have solutions to share with you all guys.

P.S- Being single is so addictive that you try to stay from every single person who is approaching you unless you don't feel any connection, you become sweeter, sensitive and generous. You grow into a more independent individual.

"Trust the journey, everything else will be taken care of"

The credit of this blog goes to Gunjan Katoch.