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May 23, 2019   •  7 views

Have you ever wondered that time you spend scrolling your social media accounts aimlessly could be the time you can utilize by spending time with your family? With surveys coming out about time spent by youth on social media handles, it can easily be predicted that today’s youth spend most of their leisure time with their phones, leaving no time for their family.

Have you ever observed that when you see a happy family enjoying, you feel some void in your heart and that void brings back memories of childhood where you use to enjoy with you family over small family gatherings and some reunion with cousins. Those were the time when you use to spend your free time by playing street cricket with your friends but now, everyone is connected to each other online on different social media platforms but is actually non-connected in real life.

Life which we live socially is a virtual life where we try to present ourselves as completely different persons so that more and more people follow us and we get more likes and comments. People we meet on this virtual platform become more important to us then our own family with whom we share blood bond and beautiful memories as family.

Meme partners are gaining place of best-friends on whom we use to write ‘My Best friend’ easy in primary classes. Online dating is a new trend. Even on auspicious days such as “Mother’s day” or “Father’s day” which were named to praise our beloved parents who have struggled hard for us, sharing a picture with mother or father with a sweet long caption on social media is all we do for them.

We all must have read small story where a person was very proud of having 1000s of facebook and whatsapp friends but during the hour of need, only his family was beside him, consoling him and wishing for his well-being. This story is true for most of us. In this rat race of having huge fan following on social networking sites, we have ignored our families and missed all beautiful memories we could make with them during the time we spent on our phones chatting with those who don’t know real us.

This needs to change. We have to realize importance of family before it is too late. Connecting with your friends through these social sites ids not bad but cutting connections with family for this is reality a big issue.



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