What If? - Future Of Dead Dreams!

Srinidhi Ram
Apr 26, 2019   •  32 views

**Pen Clicking- I'll do when my mind is blank!!**

What if? - Future of Dead Dreams!!

Is the title is Confusing?

okay, let me explain it!
Being a storyteller, shall I say it in a storytelling way?? (okay, first you settle down and listen to me carefully)

I don't know what exactly happened to me!
Was it Last night's dream? (or)
My mind time travelled?
I really don't know but I felt weird and got a thought in my mind and that is...

"What happens to me if My dreams would die, My Passions fades, My ambitions go missing!!

And I work in the opposite of my field of interest!"

This thought didn't leave me alone it led me to a scene in future where I was attending a meeting in a company and there was none stop blaa-blaa-blaa by a fellow employee- they called it a presentation. Everyone was engrossed into his presentation except me! I was busy in pen clicking ( my sign of a mind disturb).

That's it! This weird fear like what will I do if I won't end up in my dream job!
I think this phase will be faced by passionate people. And everyone will cross this path and thought (like what if?)

It's not that we are not passionate about our goal or
It's not about we need some motivation!
it's only the PATIENCE!
We Need Patience at that time!
This is just my feeling that I wanted to share and felt that everyone will undergo this type of future weird scenes!!

If a train stops, it doesn't mean it's not in the track! It only indicates that it has stopped for a short time! Ultimately the train will reach its destination station!

Even we are like a train we will stop for a reason don't think that our journey has stopped! Relax a bit! Have faith! We all reach our destinations. If not today, we will reach tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Have faith!

Don't think What if?