Part 2: Neer And His Five Companions.

Srinidhi Ram
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Now Neer has completed halfway to the City of Success & it is only another half way to travel with his new Five companions!

But what to do every story as a major jolt in it!!

Likewise, Even Neer had a big twist and surprises waiting for him. Poor Neer thought everything is going well and with a smile, he lifts his head above with proudness. A huge fist with force punched his nose. In a matter of seconds, blood started to ooze out from his perfectly shaped nose. Everyone was shocked by seeing the actions. Neer was not able to see the man who punched his face his eyesight became blurry because of punch. Neer immediately covered his nose with his hands and there was another punch to his stomach by another fellow person now Neer was on his knees because of pain. Still, the hitting and kicks were not stopped but Neer managed to see there were 3 people who attacked him. Those three people didn't stop they continued hitting.

Hard work came to help Neer by lifting him and gave support by his hands resting on Neer's Back. Neer could barely stand now. Passion clung on Neer's arm. The dream was helpless she was crying, Hard work shouting for help he called Luck and Time to help.

Luck was least bothered to help he was standing a bit far from the fight. Time was feeling Neer's pain but he didn't do anything, he was just cursing himself for the situations.

Finally, Neer spoke up. Neer said to the person who was hitting him "Enough Grade! Stop it!"

The three people who were hitting Neer was Grade, Society, and Job!
Society in anger: Why are doing like this? Do you have any idea what people are thinking about you?
Grade: See your Report Card! You promised that you won't disappoint me!

Neer was silent and even others too. Everyone was eager to hear his answer. Neer answers though his mouth were bleeding.

Neer said,

"Because of my Dream!"

hearing to that Dream was mute and others too.

Job in a rage, "Don't play 'Dream' card always; it loses its power soon!"

Neer smiled!
Grade attacked Passion he tried to pull him from Neer. The fight started again. Society came to Neer's ear and said: "Remember you have your own responsibilities!". Neer thought a bit with heavy heart & tears in his eyes he said to Passion "Go away from me!"

Passion was shocked to hear and said "No...No No..." saying that he clung to Neer's leg. Hard work had got to know the situation he closed his eyes to hide his tears (but he couldn't).

Neer made a strong mind raised his leg, kicked Passion...! Passion heart was broken! Neer left the five companions went with those three people without turning back(inside in his heart he controlled his emotions)

Grade by seeing Passion on the groundwith a creul smile says to Job, "Finish him..!"
Passion opens his eyes he later realizes he is in the hospital still he could feel a pain in his body! beside his bed, Dream and Hard work was be happy to see him. Door Opens Luck and Time enters to room. Luck with a huge smile on his face says to passion, "Get up Man, the Time has come!". followed by Time saying "We need to help that guy!". The five companions look at each other with happiness!

In the corridor outside the room, Destiny smiles with contentment.

(My niche is to write about Films, Now the topic about Neer may be irrelevant but it will be relevant after some years....for sure! And yaa guess Neer? ; )


Isn't it creepy..!(I KNOW!! ; D)




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