“Expectations”, this word always puts me in a dilemma. What a quandary it is to have expectations in our heart though we know that these expectations can dwell like venom in our heart. And also if you think about it, can a relationship really survive without expectations. Also the harsh reality is that most relations are murdered by only and only expectations.

It’s always said that one must not expect anything from their loved ones. But can that really be a possibility to not expect anything at all. Be it any relation, even simply friendship, it will have the seed of expectations sown on its grounds somewhere. At the least one would always expect love in return of love. That is the smallest expectation to hold. Can one really get rid of even this slightest of the need? Or can a relationship sustain much without this expected need of love.

Think of it, you are in love, extreme mad love, the most pure of all kinds. You give it your best, and all you expect is some love in return. But your partner is a soul that is away from all desires, he/she has no expectations. Thus, your partner doesn’t need anything from you. You are merely present in his life, without any aim or wanting or craving from him. Wouldn’t that cringe your heart, wouldn’t you feel unimportant, and wouldn’t you feel that there is no spark in the relationship. I don’t know about you, but I might feel pointless hopeless and aimless if my partner would exempt from his heart all desires towards me.

But too may expectations can choke the essence of relations. But this chocking situation arrives when you have given it your all, and yet there are some needs that seem unfed by your partner, so in turn he/she would keep expecting. One can’t give more than all they have, they would decay from within if they are asked to give more than everything they have given away already.

All I can conclude is that expectation is like a coin, which has two opposite faces, one face can kill your relationship and one can enrich its roots. But no relation can be completely immune of expectations.