How Can A College Student Make Money

Rashi Rathi
Aug 30, 2020   •  13 views

College students often dream of initiating a side hustle. It’s indeed praise-worthy to think that way as you can make up for a bit of your college fees and be more productive. But let me remind you guys, daydreaming alone would serve no good until you really start doing it.

There are countless opportunities available to make money and not compromise with your studies either. In fact, practical experience that you’ll gain through these ventures might help you achieving your long-term career objective.

Here are a few of the many ways by which you can learn and earn simultaneously. No one size fits all! Analyze these work profiles and embark on the path that suits you the best.

1.     Start a blog or website:


If you’re really passionate about writing, and willing to incorporate a few technical skills, you can land up as a blogger. The following steps can make you an exceptional blogger:

          i.            Choose a niche -

It is the topic you are interested in and make sure you approach your targeted audience.

          ii.            Select the platform for your blog-

There are numerous platforms available to create your blog. WordPress, Custom, Drupal, Blogsmithare quite often recommended.

          iii.            Pick a domain name–

A domain name is the name by which your blog will be available online, your blog’s URL. Select your web host after proper research.

         iv.            Open a web hosting account–

The next step is choosing a reliable hosting service to make sure that your site is available 24/7 to its potential users. Bluehost is popularly used by many blogging experts.

      v.            Select theme and design for your blog –

Choose an apt theme for your blog as it makes your content more appealing. There are both free and premium themes.

         vi.            Write content and promote it-

Great content will draw your online crowd. Clearly state the central idea and elaborate it with citing examples.

2.     Become a part-time tutor:

No knowledge is ever wasted.

You can tutor other students in your subject of expertise by conducting both home tuitions as well as online classes. Certain sites like Internshala and Internhub are wonderful platforms for those seeking part-time jobs. By dealing with students, you will enhance your communication skills and build a greater command on your subject. It will help you in the long run.


3.     Plant a tree and earn money:

Primarily, planting a tree is contributing our bit to mother nature. It can also serve you monetary benefits.


The business of planting trees is going to be one of the biggest climate stories in the next 20years.


One of the most obvious ways of making money is growing fruit and nut trees. Other profitable plants are: Christmas tree, teak, eucalyptus, bamboo etc. You must keep in mind the necessary factors for the growth of plants. A tree growing business can provide you solid income working just a few hours per week.


4.     Business ideas in Biology:

Biotechnology business harness biological processes to fabricate innovative products and equipments. These businesses are gaining profound attention and funding from the government as well as private sectors.

Some of the ideas are:

·        Biofertilizer production

·        Beeapiary

·        Biogas production

·        Compost fertilizer production

·        Vegetable processing plants


Science students prefer to work in the above mentioned streams. It serves them dual advantage of learning skills that will add new spark to their resume.

5.     Become a translator:

Languages create the first connection to the world.

If you are multilingual, you can become a translator. There is translation work that is required across a variety of platforms. India being a leading business country, translators earn big fat money. Specifically, certain private companies hire translators to make their business accessible globally. Chinese, South Korean, Russian and German are in good demand.



6.     Become a YouTuber:



In the current-era of technology driven world, millions of people are earning extra pocket money through YouTubing. Starting a YouTube channel is a cool idea. Beginners can try their hand in any of the mentioned ways:

·        Creating video tutorials.

·        Promoting products

·        Referral marketing

·        YouTube partner program

·        Paid sponsorship


One of the key ingredients of becoming a successful YouTuber is to be consistent with uploading content. While deciding the topic for videos, put yourself in the shoes of your targeted audience. It will enable you to attract wider audience pool and win their attention.



These were just a few simple ways in whichstudents can make money. Moving out of the comfort-zone is the need of the hour. Part-time work will add to your all-round personality development. Gaining work exposure would certainly boost your confidence.

So, stop thinking and start doing!