Could There Ever Be Peace In Society?

Muskan Bhatia
Jun 11, 2019   •  7 views

Society i.e., the surroundings in which we live is mainly formed of people of different religions, backgrounds and casts. And all people having same perspective towards everything and same demands is purely an impossible thing. That is where conflict arises. Maintaining societal peace cannot be achieved in isolation. Peace is a product of a positive mental attitude, while violence is the result of negative thinking.When peace is there in a society everything works in a proper form whereas if violence or conflict arises all that systematic working gets disturbed hence leading to more violence and mismatching of societies thinking. Maintaining harmony between everyone is a tricky process. People demand peace but they themselves don’t want to change for the sake of others. They want others to follow law and order but they themselves are not complying with the rules. The person who loves peace will bear the loss of anything else, but the loss of peace he will not endure.Even the god also loves peaceful environment. He will definitely help those who are peace lovers and are doing well for his society. Every individual must take an initiative to indulge in peaceful activities and should remain calm and cooperative in every situation. Peace is the only religion of man and the whole universe without peace no state can achieve development and no nation can strive towards excellence in all spheres of humanism. It’s not that people of only a particular religion wants peace but every religion as a whole wants to attain peace. For attaining peace, first initiative for everyone is to maintain cooperation between everyone, filling the gap between peoples demand and their expectations. Nobody has attained anything from conflict. Whether it’s an individual or a nation all suffer a lot during conflicts. First priority should be to request everyone to spread peace. Peace ends where negative thinking starts. We can normally see today that whenever something gets wrong people starts thinking negative things rather than positive. And spread that negativity among other people also. And that’s how conflicts arises and peace gets distorted. Demanding peace and creating peace are two different things. And main aim should be to fill the gap between these two. A famous quote:

You'll never findpeaceof mind until you listen to your heart.”

This quote is therefore the best solution in order to reduce conflicts and maintain peace and harmony in the society.