And When The "I Love You " Ends ..

Monika Verma
Jun 22, 2019   •  21 views

And when the ’I love you’s’ end, when you’re done hearing about the stars & how you defy the way this world was created by somehow, becoming someone’s heart beat - remember to bounce back to reality. Because when it comes to survival - it’s you against the world, it’s you - that you protect. You don’t fall in love & then someone loves you & your insecurities & your depression and your sadness forever regardless of how you make them feel as an individual. This ‘eternal soulmate, other half’ concept overrules any sort of sense of identity one may have. As though love, is something that happens, from where onwards we stop being human beings.

That doesn’t happen.

Poetry & music & metaphors were created by people that wanted to use language for something bigger, something more, an expression - art is an expression, & expressions change.


People can love you, with reasoning. And accept you, regardless of how unfair you may be at times... they’ll do it because they care.

But even the best of humans, will leave you - to stand up for what they believe to be ‘themselves’. That’s when you, are not ‘one’. You are two, & often two, that arent even on one side.

When push comes to shove, when you go to war, you go alone.

I always hear couples dancing to ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’... & yes, you’re cute. But no body is your heart, you are no one’s life. That’s not practically possible.

Everyone wants to hear these beautiful words, except when the bubble finally bursts, we stop believing in ‘true love’ even though none of us really know what love is outside of our overrated, dramatic, fictional definition of it. True love can be painful, deceiving, insecure, addictive, happy, calm, upset - it can be anything and everything & maybe nothing... all at once.

Stop letting movies and songs define it for you. Love, and give, but do it to yourself & for yourself before you do it for other people.


‘Take my hand, take my whole life too’ is a metaphor. No ones literally means it.

I’m just saying.

No one tells you.