Chaai Chaai Cutting Chaaaii !!

Mar 30, 2020   •  15 views

A 20 seconds hand wash is the most basic requisite for us to not escalate the corona virus pandemic. While this gesture remains largely followed, a tap open for 20 seconds in the course of the wash will essentially deplete water levels and pave into a crisis. Water is not to be taken granted be it a pandemic or just a normal day, prudential use will always benefit.

The clock is ticking and India is facing one of its major and most serious issues of all time. Well yeah..!  You got it right -Hello there 'A thirsty India'. After weak monsoons left us with nothing but faint showers a quarter of the country's population is struck by a grave drought. Even major cities are racing to reach zero ground water levels by end of 2020 affecting a hundred million people. The Chennai water crisis being the latest in this arena. There is a need for a paradigm shift from leakage losses, water pricing and metering of water to water conservation, source sustainability, storage, reuse and proper use of potable and drinking water.

A precise notice to the usage of drinking water is appreciated. Can you assure yourself that drinking water to your knowledge has always been used judiciously?  If so just muse a scenario where you hang out with your friends in a restaurant. You are being served water as you be seated. That's part of basic etiquette but is that really required? Many do not even touch their glasses, eventually water gets wasted due to mere ignorance.
That is when groups such as the Livepure come into light. With the simple motto of 'cutting paani', they are broadening their horizons and trying to reach maximum number of youth. This initiative as it sounds relates to the 'cutting chaai' well hyped of. It costs us money but paani doesn't but realise it is a very big amount beyond price and value - the very existence of living creatures on this universe. Instead of a full glass of water that gets wasted whatsover, you can prefer to saying 'No, Thankyou' or ask the server for the needful amount.
Organisations such as these aim to bring in light general public and restaurant offcials to urge for just the right amount of water to quench their need(i.e. cutting paani).

Agar pyaas ho toh, full glass kyun?
Bacha hua paani koi aur pee lega
Paani bachao, Cutting mangao !
The Half Water Campaign