We have always heard "Health is wealth". Health is considered important and placed equivalent to wealth. In my opinion, health is superior to wealth. If we are healthy we can work and earn money. If we are unhealthy we lose in our work.

Why is it placed equivalent to wealth?

Because if not directly, we lose our money and peace of mind indirectly. Our regular life gets disturbed and not just we but our near and dear ones also feel worried. Going to the doctor frequently due to some illness is not liked by anyone. Spending thousands in hospitals is a hefty affair. So it's rightly said that health is wealth.

Every day we make resolutions to stay healthy but as the day starts we start eating unhealthy and oily snacks. Till there, it's ok. But the regression at the end of the day makes us feel guilty. This happens with us all the time, after breaking the diet we only make new plans and new dates to start again.

This constant cycle of resolution-making, eating opposite and regretting continues forever. But how to break this vicious cycle?

The answer is pretty simple. It lies in the word "TASTE". Everyone likes tasty food but when the healthy term creeps in, we think the food is bland. But this is a misconception, healthy food is not bland or tasteless.

The secret is in its preparation, how we make food in a healthy way and make it tasty. Taste can put through various Indian spices with a bit of twist through various herbs be it Italian herbs or any natural flavour.

Let me give you some healthy and less time-consuming recipes for snacking-

  • Masala makhana ( Indian popcorn) by frying makhana in ghee with some nuts, salt and chilli flakes and pepper seasoning.

  • Fruity yoghurt is made by adding fresh seasonal fruits in thick curd with the flavour of your choice.

  • Diet bhel by roasting papads, rice flakes, onions, tomatoes, fresh mind and coriander leaves with few tangy lemon drops.

  • Substituting sweet biscuits with millet and jowar bhakris with the flavour of chilli, salt and some masalas as per your taste.

  • Ensure to have more water, be it by flavouring it with cucumbers, mint or lemon.

  • Have yoghurt based icecreams by adding fruits to thick curd and blending it and just refrigerate the mixture? Tasty and healthy ice cream is ready just for you.

Little steps in making our lifestyle healthy are needed and recommended in this busy scheduled lives. Our effort to stay healthy will not be a waste in the long-term. Major changes are needed in food habits, if it is achieved then we are halfway through it.

But with this regular exercise, sleep for at least minimum hours at the right time and mental peace are necessary to have a healthy body and mind.

With these few steps, we can make a journey towards a happy and healthy life and live longer without disease in old age.

Hence, let's all together give its due respect to our body and mind and learn the art of healthy living.



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