A healthy mind resides in healthy body

Food has the power to enhance your mood. It is vital to have healthy food and not succumb to the quick fix getaways that commercials present us on a daily basis.

We all experience that time of the day when we can't control our hunger pangs and also do not wish to eat anything unhealthy. Packaged food items are a strict no -no when you want to munch something nutritious and tasty while keep a track of the weighing scale . We need to go the extra mile to search for healthy options when 2 minute noodles don't satisfy anymore.

Here I provide you with easy, doable, tasty and nutritious options that get prepared in no time.

1 . Makhana salad

Makhanas or lotus seeds are rich source of of protein which can supply you with essential nutrients and also make you feel fuller .You can even add nuts , fruits or veggies of your choice .This is a power packed meal which will curb your hunger pangs . Even dry - roasting them with chat masala is lip smacking . Squeeze a slice of lemon to add extra zing or tanginess .

2 . Cheese Toppings

Cheese has been the favourite of young and old alike . It is a quick option with power packed protein. Place a cube or a slice on biscuit which can be a ragi, oats or a whole wheat biscuit, finely chop cucumber , tomato and add a spoonful of mayonnaise with a dash of sev . Definitely your guests will keep asking for more . It can be a super party snack where you invite your friends for movie night and healthy starter for kitty party as well .

3. Chappati Laddoo

This is my favourite snack, there are times when you don't want to go to the kitchen and cook something that time leftover chapatis come to your rescue . Crush chapati in a grinder, add some powdered jaggery and a spoonful of ghee , roll it into small balls and top it with some dry -fruits or mix in the dry- fruit powder . You are ready for chapati laddoos . It is a quick munching option when you are tracking your weight and crave for something sweet .

4. Sandwich

Sandwich is a good filling option without adding dollops of mayonnaise , butter or any other extra seasoning. A good spread of our old green chutney with slice of grilled paneer or plain cheese and veggies such as beetroot , carrot , cucumber, tomato, olives makes it a tasty and yummy snack.

5 . Fruit chaat

Dice some fruits of your choice , add chopped nuts like chia seeds , pumpkin seeds and dryfruits with a dash of chaat masala. Make sure that you add fruits which are rich in colour such as kiwis , watermelon, pomegranate, apples , oranges so that it becomes eye-catching.Its a perfect way start to an energizing morning as fruits are rich in anti-oxidants .They help to keep the bowel movement smooth , improve your skin texture and is great option to curb your sweet cravings.

Hope you find the above options helpful and try to include it in your food habits .