Focus: The Ultimate Guide On How To Improve Focus And Concentration.

Rohit Rishishwar
Jul 21, 2019   •  10 views

Focus and concentration can be difficult to master. We live in a noisy world where constant distractions make Focus difficult. In this article I will give some tips on how to get Focus and concentration in life . Focus and concentration is really important in our life it is beneficial for all the stages of life like student age , young age ,elder age and older age .In student age we want focus and concentration for our studies and as well as for our discipline, at younger age we want focus to our work and job that we are doing ,at elder age we want focus for our job as well as focus to our family too and at older age we want focus for our bigger family and for our need manage too we want it. Three points we are about to discuss are-

  1. What is Focus?

  2. Why can't we focus?

  3. How to focus and increase your attention span.

  4. What is Focus?

"Experts define focus as the act of concentrating your interest or activity on something".

Focus is defined by me is that "The way we show our determination and concentration to the work or activity we want to achieve or we want to do."

Focus can not be achieved in one day today there are may resources that become a great hurdles in the achievement of focus. A well known definition of focus is to give all your attention to something. If we really want to achieve something then it will be easy to master focus and concentration if we have that potential in us to really do something and have strength to achieve something then it will be a little easy to achieve it.Now let's move on other points to guide you more about focus.

2. Why can't we focus.

The ultimate reason behind lack of focus is constant distractions, noisy environment and constant interruptions. One of the major reason is also our mind or emotion.

We can not able to focus because of all these factors. Emotion plays a vital role in achieving focus . One can't focus until or unless he has full control over his emotions. Noise is also a factor that interrupt ones mind while focusing and interruptions made by someone also leads to focus failure. Focus is also difficult to master because today the youth is following others and they are not using their own minds like in classroom like some one is bunking the class then other person will definitely bunk class if someone is not studying in the class chatting all the time then others will also do same This factors of following wrong person also makes focus and concentration failure. Another factor that makes focus and concentration failure being lazy we should not have Laziness in us if really we want to achieve something special in our life sometimes it's fine to become lazy but having laziness all the time delays our time restrict us for doing something. Another factor is not practicing if we will not practise then achieving focus will be difficult and restrict us from achieving goals.

3. How to focus and increase your attention span.

  1. Always stay away from noisy environment to get Focus and concentration.

2.Meditation is also the key factor that increases our focus . Meditate for sometime before going to do any work.

3.Listen to music before going to do any work. Music has the power to fresh our mind.

4.Stop multitasking and focus on one task at a time.

5.Take short breaks after sometime.

Hope this will help thank-you