Intelligence quotient (IQ) is a measure of the intellect of a person. It is a measure of the person’s skill set and the capacity to work. Emotional quotient (EQ) on the other hand is the measure of a person’s emotional capacity to function under adverse situations with rationality. It could affect work abilities negatively or positively. It is the measure of a person’s emotional stability.

In a world where everyone is running a rat race, the cut-throat competition among the people dictates a need of higher functioning levels to succeed. This means, as humans, we require to be at our best when it comes to our capabilities. We need to be intelligent, sure, but more than having a high IQ, its mandatory we have a high EQ.

Having high IQ ensures that the person is academically gifted. Excelling in studies is never a problem and such a person is successful in life especially in fields of research and scientific discoveries. Such people are pragmatic thinkers and can easily filter out information that is irrelevant to the cause. They are excellent at completing analytical tasks.

People with high EQ on the other hand make wonderful leaders. They are brilliant team workers, mainly because they are good at assessing emotional atmospheres around them. Such people are well in control of their own emotional states and have the capability to regulate their emotions according to the situation.

Having a high IQ in the real world is certainly beneficial, however can invite shortcomings if not paired with a good EQ. Having a high EQ increases creativity and cooperation and reduces aggression against organisations and other people. Having a high IQ and low EQ will result in the person succumbing to stress and anxiety. Such people are unable to function under high pressure situations. They are easily emotionally swayed and are also unable to express what they truly feel and thus end up causing major blunders or misunderstandings. People with low IQ, no matter how knowledgeable, are unable to perform their best in a work setting and thus cause personal as well as company losses. High IQ will allow you to solve any problem theoretically, however a low EQ will result in the person being unable to cope with the real-life situation. Such people tend to come of as antisocial.

Having a high EQ ensures that you are emotionally stable in your workplace and personal life. They are much better at maintaining any kind of relationship. To build successful businesses, it is important to have sharp and efficient workers and such people generally have a high EQ level. It requires people to work harmoniously together and IQ will not be able to test a person’s ability to do so. Even multinational companies look for people with high EQ along with proper knowledge as it ensures a 100% delivery rate at the workplace.

Emotional intelligence is extremely important to survive out in the real world. Your intelligence will open new avenues of opportunities, but your EQ levels will determine how long these avenues stay open. IQ is purely academic, while EQ is going to useful in academic, professional and personal challenges. EQ builds up self confidence levels, something which IQ cannot determine. Therefore, I believe, to obtain success and happiness, it is more important to have a high emotional intelligence level as compared to our intelligence.