Make The Best Of Your Young Life!

Aug 08, 2019   •  23 views

Do you realize that you are passing through the best phase of your life? You are learning, you are experimenting, you are discovering things about yourself surrounded by the people you love and care for. At the same time you are becoming aware of changes around you – changes in your physical self, changes in your desires and goals.

You are testing your abilities, coping with new emotions, facing new challenges. This is the period when you are full of enthusiasm, you are idealistic, you want to do something new and seek reasons on your own. You learn new ways of communication, you are subjected to emotions you never felt before. You want to communicate and relate better with others. You want to achieve all your dreams and goals and be happy.

But at the same time you have to avoid negative peer pressures on you, avoid taking wrong decisions on crucial issues, which may harm you .

What should you do to achieve success and live the kind of life you want to? How would you retain your enthusiasm, energy and positive emotions and lead your life with zest and zeal?

Follow these simple rules

The key to success and happiness is the way you think. It is your thinking that will lead you to self-acceptance and happiness. Feel good about yourself, think positive throughout. Do not be critical about yourself. Discover the good in you and keep improving yourself from time to time

A key factor of success is the ability to use and develop the inborn creativity. Find out what you can do best and do it, pursue it with all your heart and perseverance.

A very popular film of some time ago was Tare Zamin Par. Remember the child was unable to cope up with studies. His parents did not understand him and he hardly had any friends. With the help of a discerningsympathetic teacherhis hidden talent of painting won him recognition and awards. He finally won acceptance and regard among his school friends.

Mahatma gandhi said in his own words that "Behaviour is the mirror in which we can see our own image"

What you need as a teenager is a strong character based on right values and attitude. It will be seen in your discipline and sense of responsibility you show at home , in college/school and workplace. Realise that people will not be there to support you, to stand by you always, so learn to be independent and tackle problems on your own.

Stop judging people and accept them as they are. For building strong relationships accepting a person as he/ she is pivotal. Stop pointing out the errors in others and start seeing the good in them. Every person is bound to commit a mistake, but a person's reaction to the mistake committed distinguishes him/her from the rest.

Gift of service

this is the best trait one should cultivate in their lives. Helping others and being kind is one that costs nothing, in turn it gives us pleasure and happiness which is priceless . Nothing can give you more joy that when you render service to the poor and needy!