Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Manisha Mahar
May 19, 2019   •  242 views

Marriage is an important social institution. Everyone wants a happy married life where love should be an important component. Today youth take their decision by their own, ignoring their parent’s opinion. They prefer love marriage, and the trend of living relationship started from them. Marriage is a life-long commitment. Whether it is love or arrange marriage, better level of understanding and love between the couple make the relationship stronger. There is a never ending debate between love and arrange marriage. Both have their own pros and cons.

In LOVE MARRIAGE, a person chooses his partner on his own. The marriage is regardless of caste and finance background. Couples date each other, if they think they can live together for the whole life, they marry. However, love marriage is not accepted in most of the Indian families.

In ARRANGE MARRIAGE, parents and other family members find partner for a person. They choose partner after seeing caste, background, educational qualification and finance. There should be an agreement from both the families for marriage. They call pandit to match the kundalies first.

In LOVE MARRIAGE, couple starts expecting from each other before the marriage. If the expectations will not meet, there will be sacrifices or separation.

In ARRANGE MARRIAGE, a couple doesn’t know each other so well. It’s like marriage of two unknown persons. It takes time to understand one another.If they fail, the relationship will not go last longer.

In LOVE MARRIAGE, especially to intercaste marriage, there might be the chance that families do not support their daughter in-laws. It might create problem in the relationship when a girl do not follow the rituals of her in-laws family.

In ARRANGE MARRIAGE, couples don’t know likes and dislikes of each other, if they don’t spend time before the marriage. Love happens or not after the marriage, it highly depends on luck.

In LOVE MARRIAGE, most of the people take instant decision to live together for the whole life. And after the marriage they regret for the decision. if everything not goes right, couple take divorce soon.

In ARRANGE MARRIAGE, divorce rate is less but this cannot be said that couples are happily married. They may not take divorce for respecting their elders and family members who bond them together.

I will again say whether it is love or arrange marriage, the thing which make the marriage successful is love and understanding among each other. Partner should be honest in the relationship. It’s the decision of an individual whether he should marry with the person or not. Think from your heart and brain as well for taking the decision. Family and relatives should not force or pressurize to marry or not to marry with a particular person.