Anger: It Harms You Not Others

Mayurika Tat
May 15, 2019   •  75 views

Anger is an intense emotional state. It can occur when people don't feel well, feel ignored, feel threatened, feel bullied, or experience some loss. It is used as a protective mechanism to cover up fear, hurt and sadness.

There are some people who try to control others. They usually have high anxiety and irritation within themselves. They try to keep their nervous feelings down by trying to control the surroundings and the people in it.

Is anger a major problem ?

Anger is bad for any relationship. Excessive anger harm your physical and mental health. One second of anger can destroy you if it comes in a wrong time. Anger is something you create it which you need to accept it. Then only, you can control your mind.

Constant criticism is a bad habit that sours every relation. There is a myth that it is healthy to blow up than keeping your frustration in your mind. Unfortunately this wrong concept sticks around today despite the evidence that blowing up doesn't solve the problem but it creates extreme agony for others.

Still some people feel justified in exploiting others and then forgetting about the incident while those around them are left devastated.

Sometimes people make themselves angry so that they don't have to feel the pain. People change their feelings of pain into anger because it feels better to be angry than it does to be in pain. One second of anger can destroy you if it comes in a wrong time.

Let's talk about two situations -

When your boss comes and yells at you without your any fault ,how do you feel? And what do you do? You feel like punching his face hard but in reality you stay still, calm and composed. You know if you react in a bad way your job will be in danger.

At home when your little child comes and tries to play with you while you are watching your favourite cricket, you behave in a rough way because you know your child can't do anything rather than crying. Here you can show your rage but not to your boss.

Hence anger is something you show according to the power of your position. It never comes automatically. It's a choice of an individual. It's something you create it according to your will.

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it poured". - Mark Twain

How a psychologist can help you to manage anger?

Sometimes ,though people need help to keep their rage within track. Psychologists can help people recognize and avoid the triggers that make them angry. They talk with their patients and hear them. Every person loves to talk about themselves. People become very free when they are asked to say what they feel about themselves, how they are as a person, how they expect others to be with them, by talking only therapist understand why they become angry and what are the things they don't like. Underlying emotions and memories are revealed which might be the major cause of their distress.

Love is the only medicine which actually works. Positivity heals everything.



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....but apart from the above mentioned beautifully portyated perspective on anger...we cannot shun away with it at times...its a human emotion and at moments it may act as a protective impetus...stopping us from doing wrong-just by the mere thought of someone getting angry we tend to be more cautious with situations.......anger is a double edged sword!!