The Philosophy Of Rick And Morty

Mansi Singh
May 07, 2019   •  12 views

Rick and Morty chronicles the exploits of a mad scientist and his naïve grandson as they go on deeply irresponsible and awesome space adventures. It is more or less the plot of “ back to the future” but doc rick is a gassy alcoholic, “Morty” er- Morty never tries to hit on his mom, and the duo travels through alternate dimensions rather than time.Rick and Morty are deeply rooted in the traditions of sci-fi horrors, often paying homage to things like : “ghostbusters” , filmmaker David Cronenberg, “Nosferatu”and Freddy Kreuger to name a few.The show even references “Zardoz”, a camp classic.Nowhere else would one get to see Sean Connery in a futuristic space thong.

While the show pays homage toa wide variety of sci-fi and horror,it has an affinity for a particular sci-fi tradition : cosmic horror. Pioneered by literary horror legend H.P Lovecraft, the cosmic horror genre emphasises the terror of that which is outside our grasp to comprehend. Like Lovecraft, Rick and Morty uses the cosmos as a way to explore deep philosophical questions by imagining what lies in black depths of space. The show opening even make a visual reference to Lovecraft ‘s Cthulhu.

Cosmic horror goes way beyond just cheap jump scares; it represents us with the vast unknown and unimaginable.That simultaneous feeling of fright, disgust, and dread that we feel as whatever lurks in incomprehensible space suddenly comes crashing into our own reality. Rick’sportal gun is constantly confronting viewers with the unknown as he jumps head-first into other realities, the realities are sometimes horrifying, sometimes hilarious. And sometimes both.Occasionally that reality comes to the viewers . Particularly. In the episode “Get Schwifty”.Earth is approached by a giant space head whose sheer gravitational mass causes mayhem on Earth’s ecosystem. The giant head commands the entirety of Earth to show what they have got. A cult soon develops to worship this cosmic entity andRick, realising that the head is a Cromulon and finds the solution.

Most science fiction is convinced that humanityis, ,metaphorically, the centre of universe .the show of Rick And Morty, a cosmic horrorinverts that premise and asks the question: what if the universe does not care about us?Cosmic horror actually shows how insignificant humanity is. Rick and Morty is aall sort of fun and creates interest with each coming episode.