City Of Heritage, Culture And Food: Lucknow

Mansi Rohilla
Jun 03, 2019   •  45 views

Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is a city that thrives on lovely river Gomti and is generously endowed with history and heritage. It enjoys its history and heritage marked on Islamic and Raj-era architecture. It takes pride in its vestiges of Nawabi and Awadh culture.

Lucknow has a varied history marks of different colours from different periods which is reflected in its glorious architecture. If you are a history junkie this place is gonna lit your minds to extreme heights. Let's see how!

At the heart of the city is located beautiful Imambara complex with Asifi Masjid and quirky Bhool Bhulaiya. Below is how this maze looks!

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In proximity lies the majestic Rumi Darwaza, the Chota Imambara with its collection of eclectic chandeliers and Husainabad Clock Tower. Up ahead is the Residency with plethora of colonial buildings however all in ruins. This residency are colonial buildings which consists of hospital, treasury, barracks, churches, capitals, stables, cemetery and much more.


Seems like such glorious history comes with rich handicraft tradition as well. One of those famous handicrafts is 'chikankar' (got reminded of chicken? Have patience it's coming along). It's an intricate kind of embroidery done on the reverse of delicate cloth. Another famous is 'mukaish' embroidery which is done with zari and metallic threads.

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Also, if you like it ornamental then there is 'zardozi' embroidery which uses gold and silver thread as well as other kinds of embellishments such as metallic beads and sequins. And if you are interested in the know-how process behind these appreciatable works of handwoven artistry, then you can hop along to the old area of city called 'Chowk'. Here you will find artisans busy in weaving their embroidery right and fine. This Chowk is full of eponymous street names like Sheeshwali(mirrors) gali, Ainakhwali(spectacles) gali and Chudiwali(bagles) gali.


The city has birthed a dish which just wins the non-veg lovers their heart right! 'Galouti kebab' is a soft and delectable which you can find at 'Tunday kababi' in the heart of old town. The minced kebab is rolled up with roti or sheermal, a Lucknow speciality. Then there is another Mughalai dishes - mouth-watering biryani. Top these up with 'basket chaat' , 'pani puri', thick lassi, or 'masala chai' (oh, precaution alert! no diary products after non-veg binge!). Then you would like the 'Malai paan' which is popularly known as 'Balai ki Gilori'.

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Excited for what's it made of? There is a hint, it's delicately sweet mishri encased in paper-thin malai with rose tinge and kewra. Already drooling?

Then why not, Let's mingle with Lucknow City and loose self in its enchanting culture whether its architecture, embroidery or FOOD!