Memes - A Tool For Social Media Marketing

Manasveer Thakkar
Oct 03, 2019   •  66 views

The very essence of memes as an art form is, ironically, more serious than how it appears. A large number of grey matter cells in the brain are at work when making the modern day revolutionary form of social media comedy, i.e memes. Whether you came across one in the morning while taking a poop or when you took a cigarette break in between a long exhausting day at work, there is just something about memes that releases a stress-busting enzyme in the brain.

Well here is a meme for you to make your day slightly better ;


The various platforms that are available for people to showcase their comic and creative talents compels people from all age groups, gender, culture, race etc. to be a part of this dynamic insurrection. It also is a source of income for a lot of ‘Professional Meme-Makers’. Now, the only question that arises is, ‘ Should Meme-Making be taken into consideration as an art form?’.

The complexity of creating a meme often unnoticed as the end product seems so effortless. Meme makers across the world put in hours of effort to produce and edit templates while thinking of a humorously witty series of words that fits perfectly with the visual depiction that is used as assistance to convey the funny message. There is due recognition for this often underrated aspect of memes which is marketing.

To appeal to the modern day youngster, memes can be a very useful form of marketing as youngsters these days often relate to ongoing trends and challenges on social media. Social media marketing is already taking the marketing world by storm and the impact that this particular notion has can be of huge proportions as far as marketing a product through memes is concerned.


In conclusion, it may appear that the horizon of ‘ memes ‘ is constrained, thereby leaving potential for further exploring of this premise. In reality, memes are employed by various companies across the world to cater to the younger audience which generally is a target audience.