How To Get Dressed For An Interview?

Manali Gadiya
Jun 28, 2019   •  34 views

Interview is the phase where you will get an opportunity to sustain or will lose one.

So it's essential to look and feel the best. There is no defined style to wear.

Here are few simple tips of dressing which will guide you in your interviews.



You should have a classy but not chic look. If you are thinking to wear a suit , this would be a great idea. The dress should be perfectly fitted and sized according to your body. The combination you can hold on can be a collared white shirt and a skirt, even a blazer above it will complete the look. Do not wear an oversized blazer. Try keeping it simple and elegant.


It's simple for men to attend interviews with clean fitted suit. The shirt and blazer you wear should not have boofy shoulders. It's always necessary to create your first impression. People prefer neat and tidy interviewers. Be calm and patient. You must look classy and professional.

Colors you wear should be neutral like

Grey , Beige , Black , white


Women must prefer wearing heels with little bit of height. You must choose nude , black color for heels. It depends on your comfort zone.

Rather men must wear plain leather shoes, not too big and chunky. Wear an appropriate shoe which will give you accurate shape. You must enter with the polished shoes. Dusty shoes are sign of carelessness. Shoes are the first sign of your personality so choose them wisely.


In an interview , you must step with a smile andit should reflect confidence. For women , I will prefer hair down rather than a tight bun or a pony. As it is just a free flow hair and can boost up your esteem. At the end , you must be comfortable with it. So it's your call.

Whereas men should have a short and clean haircut. Do not have a messy look, you can go with a gel and simple comb. Do not over comb your hair.


Women can wear a stud, pearl or diamond small earing. Do not wear heavy and fancy one.

You can apply a foundation and a eyeliner. Carry a bronzy look.

Men can wear a tidy tie and be professional.

Both of them can wear a metallic or leather watch.

I hope this small tips will definetly work for you.

All the best for your upcoming interviews.