Those lovely outings in the month of may now seems like an old memory to me. Nearly, after staying two and a half months in the comfort of loungewear at home ( a heartful gratitude towards my cotton pyjamas). Unknowingly , one day there was an uncomfortable urge of wearing something comfortable yet fashionable took me and I ended up finding out my summer dress . It was a pretty beautiful nostalgia of past memories when I was allowed to roam around the city without getting the fear of coronavirus.

As a fashion lover , I religiously follow and preach the do's for summer . Scrolling on instagram I try to stay aware about the latest trends. When it comes for summer shopping ,I tend to makeup my mind before spending up my money :- 1.) Natural fibres - I always try to choose natural fibers like cotton and nylon to beat the tremendous heat of June. Afterall, 'breathability is most important’. 2.) Loose & flowy style - I try to add this style in my wardrobe for having a cool , chick summer dressing. 3.) Summer colours- I always try to find fresh pieces with different colours like coral, fresh hue yellow for vibrant and easy look. 4.) Sleeves are the best friends- direct sunlight damages your skin so I keep in mind that it's important to cover and protect the skin from sun. 5.) Open- weave knits - for enjoying the lovely cool breeze of summer , I try to layer the clothes with open weave knits.

What one thing I have noticed is the boom in fashion industry we have witnessed various trends in a span of few years. The shoe worn over pants was a complete standout for the fashion lovers- whether for an office metting or grabbing friends down the street , this is completely a refreshing take on classic style to the mini bags which has its own talking in the town. Remember that Lizzo's mini bag ?

But when it comes to find a perfect dress the choice is endless. Here are some of my favourite go-to dresses with a little styling tip to make the head turns for you.

1.Midi dress (Heading to the fancy event)

Because of it's length it is a refreshing choice for every women. When you're ensure about the event it will be the best option to wear this dress. And the best part it actually looks good on all types of body type.

Tip-The hem ends halfway between knee and ankle therefore opt a pair of flats for day outing.


2.Bodycon dress (Something needs to be highlight)

They are always sexy and helps in flattering the beautiful curves. It is a perfect option for a nightdate.

Tip- There are few pointers to keep in mind while wearing bodycon:- 1.) Keep the accessories minimal , 2.) Always try to pair this with casual shoes for a perfect daytime look , 3.) Learn a style that makes you feel comfortable.


3.Off shoulder dress (let's showcase the shoulders)

‘Showing a little bit of skin, doesn't harm anyone’ is your quote than I suggest you to try this one. You can totally slay this at anytime of the day.

Tip- Find a right footwear and beautiful accessories to compliment this dress.


4.Maxi dress ( spring's transition into summer)

Whether its a sexy summer day or elegant evening, maxi dress will help you to make a style buzz at any hour .

Tip - For making a lazy outing stylish try to add sandals and long hanging jewelry into the mix.


5.Pencil dress (the extension of pencil skirt)

Named after the pencil shaped, this dress is nibbed at the waist. This piece is great for adding a little gracefulness in mood.

Tip- Pencil heels will be a nice option when it comes to footwear.


6.Shirt dress (the perfect summer illusion)

Define as a loose fitting dress, this help in keeping things casual in day-time. It's a fashion classic that will never be considered as basic. Long/short? It's upto you.

Tip- Grab some ankle boots or sneakers.


7.Smoke dress (The sleeves saves from tanning)

It's a loose fitting dress with long sleeves which is considered to be super versatile for anyone who's in rush.

Tip - Ankle boots and leather jacket will be a perfect choice.


8.T-shirt dress ( A college attire)

Ultimate casual dress, you can wear this when having a brunch with friends. It's a regular t-shirt which is above the knee. Most importantly it's looks good on every body type.

Tip- Sneakers will be the perfect buddy for t-shirt dress.


9.Cocktail dress (the party rocker )

An ideal combination of formal & casual, this dress hits above the knee and is a perfect choice for night events.

Tip- Grab a pair of pencil heels


10.Denim dress (let's bring 90’s into 2020)

‘ Denim is a love that never fades’ I religiously follow this phrase while finding a perfect attire for daytime. As the name suggests , this dress is made up of denim. It's cool and effortless for many occasions.

Tip- white sneakers will truely go with this.


11.Tube dress (The god gifted assests needs to be flaunt)

Dreaming for a star studded entry in a occasion, the tube dress will help you in making a lot of heads turn. Tight, form fitting & strapless this will help in flaunting your assets and highlighting the best features of your body. It is completely ideal for day time while adding a little bit of sexiness.

Tip- Casual shoes at morning and heels in night will be the perfect footwear.


12.Drop- waist dress (celebrities favourite style)

It's summer 2020 , nothing would be considered more comfortable than a piece of drop - waist dress.

Tip - Decide your footwear as per the occasion (white Sneakers or heels)


Well my personal favourite is the Gown dress which I mostly wear while attending the weddings . This season in India doesn't have a fixed time period so it's always better to experiment with new things. I try to look for new designs everytime.

1.Pastel beauty

Offbeat color combination that will help you to standout from the crowd.

2.Pink is the new red

Bygones were the days when we used to get obsessive with red colour in our gowns. The modern brides should also opt for pink color in lehengas and ditching the traditional red colour.

Tip-Plain makeup and heavy jewelry will help you to complete your look.

3.The queen of floral

A perfect balance of being minimalistic and elegant.

Tip- Try to look for unique colour like grey (elegant yet so classy).