Crack An Interview By Just Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

Arushi Samanth
Mar 30, 2020   •  25 views

By- Arushi Samanth

Some common mistakes during an interview can make your first interview the worst interview.  So no further mistakes! Know them and avoid them for future interviews.

  • Have you done proper research for the job?

One of the most common mistakes people make is they do not make the research for the job such as what job position they offer? What are the skills required? So it is important to read the job description carefully before an interview to make sure that whether you are fit for this job or not. Try to highlight your skills which are matched with the job description. You should know the vision and mission of the company you’re going for.

  • Arriving unpolished can mess the things up!

Appropriate clothing, brushed hair, your attitude marks strong impact on an interviewer. It is important how you present yourself in front of the interviewer. If you make an interview with an informal clothing, messy hair and poor attitude it will surely make negative impact and question your working behavior, so be gracious while making an interview.

  • Don’t ask what is the salary?

You don’t need to ask this question by your own. Salary is a very sensitive and touchy issue so let the interviewer raise this question first and stay flexible. Otherwise it may look that you are more interested in money rather working with them.  So Show your willingness to learn and work with them. Also there is a certain budget of a particular company so you need to be in budget and don’t quote too high.

  • Arriving late is not acceptable!

You need to be on time for an interview, there is no such excuse like traffic for being late. It shows your sincerity towards your commitments, your work ethics and professionalism . Being late can go against you as interviewer may shorten your interview duration and you don’t get proper time to make strong impact or can simply make you leave without taking your interview. So preplan you departure and arrival is a good idea.

  • Lying can be unfavorable for you.

 Lying in an interview likely to lead an adverse outcome. Don’t brag about yourself in front of interviewer, it makes them feel that you are arrogant and so much into you. You don’t need to write anything unnecessary in your resume just to paint a prettier picture of yourself. Always remember not getting a job due to lack of skills is okay but by lying there are chances to get caught and you will be blacklisted from that company for further future jobs also.

At last the conclusion is to be honest while giving an interview, show your passion to learn, be prepared for an interview, be confident and polished and you should know why should they give you the job? What the company needs? What makes you different? 

So have you got the answers ?