Six Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Baby Shoes

Jun 23, 2020   •  8 views

Babies are very delicate, and their bodies are not fully developed. As for their feet, the development depends a lot on the type of shoes you make them wear. As such, you need to be careful when choosing their first pair of shoes. Keep in mind that the shoes must protect their delicate toes and knees. At the same time, the baby must feel stable and comfortable when taking their first few steps.

Keep these important factors in mind when you buy baby shoes online:

1.       Non-slip flexible soles: Babies are very active and spend most of their time running around. However, at this stage of life, they cannot balance very well. Therefore, if the shoes are made of slippery soles, then it may cause accidents. When you purchase shoes for your baby, make sure that they have non-slip flexible soles that offer stability and safety. Additionally, the shoe should also support natural foot development.

2.       Engineered laces and ties: Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that babies can trip and fall anytime when they are not being careful. Therefore, you need to ensure that the shoes you purchase for them offer added safety and stability. The shoelaces or fasteners need to be engineered in such a way that they do not cause your baby to trip or fall.

3.       Breathable leather: Infants cannot speak and cannot express their exact problems like adults. When their feet sweat and it makes them uncomfortable, they suffer as they cannot let you, their parents, know. This is the main reason why you need to ensure that the shoes you purchase offer optimal comfort for your little one. Additionally, you should also purchase shoes that have been manufactured using breathable materials, such as genuine leather, as it helps to keep your little one’s feet soft, dry, and safe in all climates.

4.       Open-wide shoes: The shoes you purchase need to be easy for your little one to put on themselves, especially when they start learning how to dress themselves. Therefore, purchase shoes that can open wide, so your little one can simply slip them on when getting ready for the day.

5.       Eco-friendly material: It is extremely important to make sure that the shoes your baby uses are made of 100% genuine leather. The materials of the shoes must not have any harmful toxins in them. As mentioned before, baby feet are delicate and toxins can harm them very easily, causing infections and other issues.

6.       Wide toe-box: This is crucial for the comfort and safety of baby feet. As mentioned previously, baby feet have not yet fully developed. In fact, their toes are far chubbier than that of a child or adults. Therefore, their shoes need to accommodate for this by having a wide toe-box.

There are several different stores where you will be able to buy baby shoes online. Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind to ensure you purchase the perfect shoes.