Youth, the spring of life’s seasons when cheers sound loud. Or so we hope. The transformation from being a child to a young adult is an amazing feeling when we come to experience the new shade of life. But this phase is mostly wrapped up in our high school and college days making it quite adventurous. Then again youth is full of adventures.

Starting with puberty we undergo a lot of changes both physically and mentally. The physical changes, due to hormonal games sometimes confuse us and messes with our brain but we hold up. We start to explore, ourselves and the outside world. We experience the highs and lows of friendship, go through the stressful schedules, dive into the world of fantasies, sometimes fall in love or out of love but in the end pick ourselves up so our lives go on.

However, during this period the two most important things we stumble upon are books and friends. There is a saying, “With books and friends, it is quality over quantity”.

Because these two have the power to change our lives and should be chosen carefully. With friends we start to experience life in a way we have never before and the thrill mesmerizes us sweeping us in to a new world of high. But the point to be noted here is the kind of experience we involve in that brings us the high. The friends we make during adolescence tend to last longer because we know what we are getting ourselves into, contributing to one of the major parts of our life.

Then comes the books that will decide the destiny we are headed towards. As tempting it is to spend the youth partying away every day, it can’t be denied that wine tastes better when it is old. Likewise, the more patient we are to enjoy the fullest essence of life the sweeter it will be. This is the period when we have to buckle down and get the work done so we can have a more stable life with a merry life. To achieve that there is no better way than immersing ourselves in reading and getting lost in words. Having a strong educational foundation helps live our lives in peace without fear, no matter the situation.

Youth can be referred to as the sunshine of our life and it really is up to us to make the most of it. Either we climb up the hill while we can to taste the fruits of happiness or we stay at the rock-bottom satisfied with the temporary relief. Since we have the power to make or break us, we have to choose wisely. After all, “With great power comes great responsibility.”