Practical Way Of Attracting People

Likhitha H C
May 24, 2020   •  6 views

Well ,all of us might have the same question how to get people like me ??But at the same we might even hear someone say : “I don't care whether people like me or not ”.! Whenever we hear that ,we should just put it down as a fact ,he /She is not telling the truth . For instance there is a physiological fact, one of the desires of humanbeing is to appreciated by many !Yes what u heard is true !

So now we have a question how to get appreciated or liked by some one ?

The most important aspect of being liked is to have patience ,the person who has the ultimate patience level can win the world .Yes ! Then the people say “This person has something ”and start liking you :)

If u have unblemished smile on your face always ,people will get inspired and start liking you ,because you are solving all your problems having smile on your face which means people think that you have self belief in you ,and which is taking you to top of mountain .And helping you to accomplish something .

Accomplish beyond your limits ,which makes your personality well defined ,and you can be inspiration to many ,then everyone starts liking you .

Help whatever you can to others ,help can be materialistic or non materialistic .Make sure that you are not seeking any profit from that .

So these are practical way of attracting people towards you :)Hope you like it