The current hot topic of discussion among various nations and media is the growing tension between India and Pakistan both being nuclear active. The pulwama attack being the latest brought terror to our mainland. The surgical strike by our brave soldiers brought terror to their mainland. This conflict between the nations was not evolved in a day. Ever since the creation or as you say separation of Pakistan from Hindustan, they fought 3 major wars between them in 1948,1965 and 1971. Later, some years ago, they fought the deadliest war at the kargil, when Pakistan intruders pushed into Indian territory in a big way. In all these wars, we won bravely. We resisted every open attack upon us. In spite of all this, Pakistan continues to sent armed and trained infiltrators into India which is definitely done with the knowing of Pakistan secret intelligence, ISI and Pak army.

The root cause
The main root of all this problems lie in the thirst of Pakistan upon Kashmir which is an unavoidable part of India. The disruptions in ceasefire and shell fire show the disputes were never over. Even after continues pressure from UN and other strong nations with veto power, Pakistan is not showing sign of giving up.

The bridges of peace
When Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the PM of India, he initiated peace talks with Pakistan. As a result Indian cricket team was sent to play a series of goodwill matches. Also our PM paid visit to Pakistan to clear misunderstanding. All the preparations were in vain.

The real story of 2 boys, Hindu and Muslim, is famous between the peoples of both nations. At the time of partition, the die hard friendship between the friends were tored apart. The Hindu boy took the train and reached Pakistan in search of his dear friend. On inspection by Pak army, the Hindu boy was found at Muslim's house. The soldier shot one bullet at Hindu boy and firing upon another the Muslim came before him and beared the shot in him. Both died and their friendship was celebrated. This is the greatest example of brotherhood and bridge of peace between the 2 nations which is long forgotten.

Time to change
India and Pakistan got separated from single homeland Hindustan. We were the sons of same mother and will remain forever. The recent surgical strike happened as a result of negligence of Pakistan on pulwama attack. The first step for unity between both nations is the eradication of terrorism. Cut the sources of income, help etc from all sides. Also conduct a elaborate meeting between the nations which is only after the eradication of terrorism. Let us dream the future of the same diehard friendship happen.