Article 370? All You Need To Know

Mohit Gupta
Aug 13, 2019   •  37 views

Article 370, is an article of the Indian constitution which gives automous status to Jammu and Kashmir. It allows J&K to establish is own laws and regulations governing their state. Gives power to adopt a state flag and provudes exclusive rights to the J&K people. J&K has it’s own citizenship also. Most the the Acts and rules of centre does not apply to J&K accept for Defence, communication and foreign affairs.

Little background of article 370

During the partition time, J&K was given the option to join any of the two just independent nations but it chose to be on it’s own. After lots of efforts from indian side, Nehru took the case to UN, looking to resolve this issue of J&K. Under the leader ship of Sheikh Abdulla J&K through Instrument of Accession (IOA) agreed to join india. On accepting this agreement Maharaja hari singh along with sheik abdullah asked Nehru to give them special status through a article. So this article 370, was introduced, as a temporary solution.

A little about article 35.

Article 370 and 35 both are related to J&K. Article 35 gives J&K assembly power to makes employment specifically for its people, give people right of land while not allowing outsiders to buy sell land in J&K.

Why Pakistan is getting mad?

Actually, part of J&K is a disputed territory between india and Pakistan but legally india has the right. Pakistan claims it to be their territory but according to AOA it’s India’s. All the wars, fights, ceasefires, killings, attacks from pakistan side is because of this sensitive territory. After invalidation of article 370, pakistan has decided to end all diplomatic relations with India. Samjahuta Express train services stopped, bus services stopped, trade stopped, airspace banned for india, pakistan also sent indian high commissioner to pakistan back to india. Etc

What’s next post invalidation of Article 370.

J&K will become a state just any other states of india. With govt. alreday declaring J&K to be a UT with a assembly and Ladhakh a UT without assembly. All laws and rules related to its state formed by state assembly stands invalid. People can now buy sell property, bussinesses can be set up, employment will be open for all, irrespective of any privileges. J&K will no longer be alienated from Mainland india.

On a scary side

India did take a bold step but it is going to face with challenges. Expectations are that pakistan may take unaccepted form of revenges. We need to be alert. Pressure from global communities. Instability in J&K due to the changing scenario. And many more consequences can be witnessed over the period. Indian army is on high alert in this region.