Secrets To A Good Relationship

May 02, 2019   •  20 views

Relationships begin when two people decide they’re interested in each other- but it’s not like the movies. It’s not just a smooth road, at least it won’t be unless you put in effort. So how does a good relationship look like and how does one get to there?

A good relationship is when you get more happiness than heartbreak in the relationship. Let’s be real, our partners are never perfect. We are never gonna get complete unconditional love nor will they not make a mistake. But a good relationship tries to reduce the intensity of those mistakes by clear communication, trust and other factors.

1. Communication

Communication is really, really important in a relationship. Why? Because humans were brought up with the need to talk and tell other humans how they are and what they’re doing. Relationships- even friendships or relationships with parents and family all need communication. But mostly romantic ones.

When you’re with your partner, you need to tell them what you’re feeling about certain things. Explain your boundaries. Did you partner do something you don’t like? Tell them. That being said, they did something you really like? Tell them that too! They can’t read your mind.


Someone once said that trust can be broken in seconds but takes years to rebuild. I think it’s true. Forgiving people’s mistakes is another art. But a lot of times insecurity takes a huge toll on the relationship. Build trust by being transparent in certain things. Try to appease your partner when they seem insecure, even if it’s irrational.

3. Listen

Listening is right up there with communicating. obvious you can talk the talk and walk the walk but can you listen? When your better-half explains why they’re exasperated at you, can you listen before trying to guard yourself?

Basically, are you going to argue to defend yourself or help find a solution? Arguments are supposed to be you and your partner vs the issue; not you vs your partner.

4. Taking care of yourself

If you’re stressed, if you’re depressed, if you’re hurting- you can’t realistically think love will help it. Some problems need more than just talking about it and you need to pull your own weight when it becomes too severe. Of course you can take help from others but you also need to take responsibility for your issues.

After all, no one can fix you unless you want to.