Present Situation Of Girls In Our Nation

Lekha Sri
Jul 07, 2019   •  10 views


In India our great leaders fought for our Independence, but the question is are the girls still independent ?, Have they got the right of being safe?,

Well NO. Its still a mark of question in our nation.

When some girls are allowed to get their education in urban, There are some girls in those rural areas, Who don't even have knowledge about what is RIGHTand what is WRONG.

Even they are not allowed to decide what they wish to do.

They are not educated but are sent to other place either to work as house workers or those girls are got married to a guy who is very Elder to her. She don'thave rights to choose the right person in her Life. Later on her life becomes worse and the girl faces many bad & worse situations.

Its not only about the uneducated girls where they are going through worse times even our Urabn girls are facing equal problems or more than that.

The people especially men around us have crossed their limits of dominance. They have become so dominating that they have begun abusing girls, molesting girls, harassing girls and lots more...

Each and every second in some corner of the world every girl is being raped & every girls is undergoing acid attack and in the name of love many boys are destroying girls life.

Men should understand that they were born from a woman, they spend life with a woman & give a life to a women. Living in the name of democratic country, our nation stands first at abusing cases, Shameless people.

So, people should respect a girl, a lady, a women. Try to respect them cause we all were wouldn't be if they wouldn't be. So, Save the girl and Respect her. Live and let girls live!!!

Real Independence is when girls are free to walk out safely at anytime.