Since the summer heat makes you feel as if you’re getting tossed around a heated dryer, it’s very essential to find of ways to cool off and hydrated ourselves throughout a day. Some of us quite lazy in drinking lots of water and this may turn out to be a problem during the scorching summer months.

Well here’s an invention, used by many in order to remain hydrated and at the same time some quality healthy drinks; spa water!

Water is the ultimatepurifier andhydratorfor all organs in our bodies. It helps out in all the bodily functions and also to flush out toxins.Thus adding fresh fruits and herbs increases the vitamin and mineral content in the water that in turn provides a lot of nutritional benefits.

So here are three spa water recipies, with each drink specialized to serve a particular area of interest.

Sunshine & smiles!
This is a perfect go-to morning drink that helps in reduce inflammation, bloating and various other discomforts occurred right after sleep.

1.Glass containers
2.2-3 slices Grapefruit(increases metabolism)
3.3-4 slices Lemon (detoxifier and reduces bloat)
4.5-6 chunks of Pineapple (good for digestion)
5.Few mint leaves (reduces inflammation)

1.In a mason jar, start off by putting grape fruit slices, lemon and pineapple one by one.
2.Top it off with a few min leaves and pour a cup of water.
3.Refrigerate it for 30 minutes so that the fruit infuses into the water a give a great taste.


This is more of a beauty water. Rich in various anti oxidants and anti aging ingredients, this drink helps you in getting a boost on your appearance. So dazzle away! ; )

1.3 Chunks of watermelon (antioxidant)
2.4-5 blackberries (high in vitamin C and fiber)
3.2-3 sliced strawberries (immunity booster)
4.3-4 Mint leaves
5.Mason jar


1.In a mason jar, start off by putting chunks of watermelon in the bottom of the jar.
2.Next, slightly crush the blackberries using the back of a spoon and add it into the jar.
3.Top it off with strawberries and mint leaves.
4.Refrigerate or add ice cubes (optional)

The ultimate hydrator

This drink is something that can be consumed all day long. Usually large bottles of this drink are stored in most of the households and are consumed at regular intervals to keep hydrated and fit throughout the day!


1.Half a cucumber (sliced)
2.3 slices of oranges (vitamin C)
3.Couple of basil leaves (anti inflammatory and anti bacterial)
4.Mason jar

1.Add cucumber slices and orange slices into a mason jar.
2.Top it off with a couple of basil leaves and add water.
3.Refrigerate for 30minutes.