The Dark Side Of Inferiority Complex

Kshitij Alawandi
Jun 21, 2019   •  105 views


The dictionary meaning of the phrase inferiority complex is ‘The feeling that one is inferior to others in certain aspects, a doubt and uncertainty about oneself, and feelings of not living up to standards.’


The probable or precise cause of such feeling is comparison. The urge of a person to align himself inline with others or particularly with one person who is being set as a benchmark by his own self-conscious paves way to feel inferior. The malign possibility of feeling socially, psychologically, intellectually and morally low in comparison with others is a major cause.


The effects are mostly mental and psychological. The effects directly pounce on self-esteem, self-respect, social and performance activities, compassion and desires. These are some of the significant parameters that act as roots of our psychological stability. Other obscure effects include:

Social Rejection – Thoughts of being infamous or socially petty takes over the mind of a person affected by inferiority complex. The mind is tricked and is impelled to believe that social rejection is inevitable.

Demoralize – Annihilation of moral determination to achieve or aim is propelled with ease. The feeling of hesitation to dream is a part of such effects on human mind.

Anxiety – Social and performance anxiety invades daily activities. An individual, if placed in a situation where completion of task is necessary, a feeling of apprehension is already in action. The fear of failure and fear of being criticized makes an individual feel inadequate in his own beliefs which results in anxiety.

Sensitivity – Instead of concentrating on improvement of oneself, the mind diverts itself to feel sensitive towards the society. The anxious efforts to identify faults within oneself, feeling demotivated and disrespected drives the mind towards destruction of one’s own self-conscious.


Overcoming inferiority complex needs determination and the will to improve oneself rather than pointing out others who are considered to be in comparison with. The manifestations of this feeling mainly comprise of low self-esteem where one may continue to experience the need of adequacy in life.

One of the key aspects of overcoming inferiority complex is to practice compassion and indulge in activities wherein improvement of self-esteem and confidence is given priority. Being kind to oneself provides the ability to heal the hard corners of mind. Surpass the threshold set by the integral part of mind to overcome the act of comparison. Recognize the inner strengths and suppress the weaknesses which seem to protrude. The overwhelming thought of seeing oneself as a competitor, will uproot the existence of inferiority. Start seeing the positive aspect of consciousness and the wonders it can achieve when driven perfectly. Keep hope alive, work on self-improvement and convert the comparison into inspiration and motivation. Wonders are on the way.