Sometimes it is quite hard to determine whether you are alone or you feel lonely. If you have ever felt this way, continue reading to understand what you really feel.

There is quite a difference between these two adjectives. While alone simply describes the state of being by oneself or solitary, lonely is an emotional sensitivity where one feels unhappy or peevish as a result of being alone. However, both these adjectives describe human emotions. Allow me to illustrate an example where you can draw up whether you are experiencing loneliness or aloneness. I went to a movie alone, because nobody else showed up. This is an example of being alone. I enjoyed the movie by myself and I was not depressed of the fact that I watched the movie alone. I feel lonely when I do not visit my mom once in a while. This is pure loneliness as I would be experiencing lamentation.

Below are some facts about loneliness and being alone

Lonely individuals aren’t happy

If you can relate to the above example, lonely individuals never feel satisfied with the amount of happiness they attain because of sorrowful temperament. Being lonely is a state of mind. One can feel lonely even when surrounded by people.

Individuals who are alone enjoy privacy

Being alone is a choice one makes for themselves. Aloneness is something one enjoys as it is a way to spend private time. Introverts are the best examples who love their own company. In fact, some individuals take a break from all the obligations and spend some quality time to freshen themselves up.

Loneliness can cause emotional damage

Here, individuals have insecurities about the materialistic things that they don’t possess, instead of being modest with that they already are embracing. Hence, they tend to lose focus and it is exhausting, emotionally.

Sometimes, individuals are charged after spending time alone

When you have a chance to be completely yourself, watch your favourite show on Netflix, focus of your body, continue your hobby, it will definitely recharge you to face the day. One can focus on themselves and their own amelioration.

Being alone is mostly a plus point as an individual can assess himself and concentrate on his quality of self-awareness. On the other hand, being lonely or feeling lonely is nothing but a loose patch on a big wound.

Being lonely is just an emotional response to the state of being alone. One can be alone without feeling lonely