Short Story 1- The Sad Voice Of Grandma

Praveen Shankar
Aug 05, 2021   •  16 views

In the modern world we are having virtual living. Here is a story of Grandma who spends her time lonely. 


A grandmother who has been living with her family. Everyone in her family hardly speaks to her. She left alone every time. Her family members are always busy using modern gadgets like laptop, tablet, i-phone, cell phone. 


She ignored by her family because they indulged in listening and playing with their gadgets.

She feels alone even though when she surrounded by her family and she lives a lonely life without mental support. 


Finally, her heart fill with sad feeling and was at the end of her life. After her demise her family celebrates every year on
 1 st October as the International Day of Older Persons to remember Grandma.


Spend some time with your Grandparents by getting rid of the gadgets.