You’Re Working But Is It Working?

Kritleen Kaur
Jun 28, 2019   •  17 views

I dug myself a hole and promptly jumped into it.

You are doing the same thing.

“How come?” you ask.

Now, here’s what I just realized I’ve been doing for way too long. And how it’s ruining my life. To think that I wasted years of effort simply because I was unaware. And the same thing is happening to everybody around me, save a select few.

We spend the entire day slaving away, busy tapping away our responses, studying for the next test, buying what we think might help us (or it might not) and generally living like an ant. No kidding, ants work all the time too. But they’re still better off than us because they know what their goal is. Their sight is always on the anthill and they follow another ant to their destination. We, on the other hand, roam; clueless.

We start working immediately. In school we’re groomed to perform to the best of our capability, in college we’re taught a technical skill then asked to put it to use. The sooner the better. Start earning, then earn more. The 99 trap. Once you have 99 you want just one more, just a little more, but the thirst is never quenched.

Turns out it needn’t be. We just need to focus on one goal at a time and work for it. Hard work is noble and all but smart work is trending nowadays. I don’t want to work on a project for hours when not to mention learn a new, difficult programming language for it. And I don’t need to. I can get someone to do it for me or find software online.

But that way won’t I miss out on learning a lot? Not at all. I’ll never stop learning but I’ll work on what I directly need in the career I’ve planned for myself. Nothing in this article is world-changing info. I’m willing to bet you knew this already. But we aren’t doing it. Opting to learn exactly what we require from someone who knows it and cares about us. In other words a mentor. Why?

Because we’re scared. I was. Still am. Admit it, you are too. We’re scared stiff of failure, of making a fool of ourselves, wasting time and resources. What if what everyone is doing is the right thing after all? Why take the risk?

Don’t believe me. But you’ll listen to Shakespeare, won’t you?

“Our doubts are our traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” -William Shakespeare