Creativity In Day To Day Life To Achieve Higher Productivity

Khushboo Mutha
Jan 31, 2020   •  10 views

Creativity in day to day life for achieving higher productivity


Corporate works on “survival of the fittest” principle. Discipline, Dedication, Persistence and Hard Work are what will be required of you if you are going to get what you want. There’s no getting round it. This is what every institution, college and school teaches the budding youth of the society. And wait, wait. There’s more to it. Work “smart” and not hard if you want to stand out from the rest is another cliché.


Spare no effort in doing your task, says every tutor.

It depends much more than the ability to work, said no tutor ever.


Shiv Khera quoted it right, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”. You don’t get paid for the hour but the value you bring to the hour.

Things are working a little differently now and people fail to inherit and apply the new trend. A trend of creativity to achieve productivity.   

Because too much of analysis leads to paralysis and exposure to a particular field limits your abilities, it is recommended that one should be multiple intelligent, a Jack of all trades.


Young generation of 21st century is always engulfed in fire of passion. To add fuel to the fire, creativity is the key.

There’s a lot of inclination seen towards IT and Development jobs making it an altogether different stream of study. Freshers have their eyes set on developer jobs because that’s when you create something new. Inventing is better than finding and that’s the principle reason why emerging Startups and industries hire creative minds to create the apt. product for the market. No wonder why it has become the next big thing one can foresee for a developed nation.


Technophiles alone can’t suffice the competitive era. And not can even the meticulous minds who constantly plunge into the details of different projects.

Prosperity is no guarantee unless constant upgradation of ideas becomes the adopted policy of every organization.


“Give your say for the project/program”, says the Team leader post the new project meeting.

A smart or a passionate worker can only work upon what’s being said and laid in his own way, however he can hardly come up with ideas to enhance the idea of the project. Considering the need of the response to be made, he says, “I think we shall go as the plan suggests”.

“Can you be more explicit?”, asks the Manager.

Having no creative ideas from the expert candidate, the expression of displeasure from the Manager is a sure thing.

The result is for all to see. Yet no one bats an eye.

“I have come up with something”, says another “creative” employee. Using the wider realm of his mind, he initiates a better version of the problem and imparts his solution to the team. The Manager is impressed and everyone loses their minds. Creativity is nothing but a skill that helps you benchmark yourself against thousand such employees.


Doesn’t the term “street smart operator” claims that smartness and creativity goes hand-in-hand? , because that’s the combination summoning maximum productivity.  Common sense approach is no longer sufficient. Thinking out of the box is the need of the hour. Competition is increasing with each passing day and urge to stand unique round the clock beckons pressure. A creative mind thus becomes the pre-requisite in tackling difficult situations.


How does one adopts the trait then?

Organizations shouldn’t restrict the employees’ thinking. There should be motivation and discussion sessions where people open up and come with great ideas. Even a lineman should be asked to contribute.

Think as, if I had all the resources and money in this world, how would I do it? For proper synchronization of system, these ideas have to be incorporated.

Create an environment conducive for such healthy forums and witness the growth of your organization.


There is beauty in creativity. Everyone has inborn talent of being creative. We innovate things out of clay during childhood, we create mansions and sand castles. I used to cut strips of newspaper and colorful paper napkins to be used as ingredients in my childhood soup recipe. I would become the anchor of my recipe show and decorate the platter gracefully. My Uncle loves Cooking because he loves to play with different flavors and ingredients. Creativity is about being yourself, but in an apt. way. A simple yet miraculous way of thinking and presenting it to the world. 


We were all born with a certain potential. When you self-actualize, you achieve your fullest potential. Introspect. What is it that you like to do in your downtime?

Buy things that are not for sale. Just let it happen. Open up. What u really fear is inside yourself. Men fear most what they can’t see. Envision your goals. Illustrate your talents, skills, expertise and experience to people. Know your stuff and develop the ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively.

You have to become an idea, a thought. Only mind can grant u powers.

Update yourself with changing patterns. Along with that, brush up your previous knowledge. It helps us master new spells. Make your performance graph.

If you are good, everything’s great.


“The maximum time in your life you have to spend is with yourself. So make yourself as interesting as possible”


Life is an opportunity to create meaning. And it’s always better to be a wise beggar than a rich fool. Let’s explore ourselves in depth of our innate creativity until it’s a tradition we hand down. With such a legacy bequeathed, I wonder how far we can get.