When you want to do something and your parents don't let you do that thing then what you do??? Do you accept the fact that you are not going to do that thing??? Or do you start blaming your self that why 'you' always???

Well if you'll ask me I'll say that none of these actually matters because none of these things have strong point! They say to you: not to do that particular activity because they think that this is not right for you at this point. But who will tell them that everything has changed, nothing is like the same that it used to be in their time. And that's called the generation gap.

But actually, what can we do??? Just to remain the same as we are... I mean just to remain silent!! Why??? Because they are your parents!! If they are differentiating you from your brother or from this whole world then, believe me, their love for you is full of selfishness. They think that if you'll do these things then it will affect their reputation. But you can't keep your self mute every time because one day you have to live on your own, not with your father or husband or son, but on your own!! You have to fight, a fight which is not for equality but for rights, the RIGHT which is made for you. What if they are your parents, if they are doing wrong then you have to stop them, you have to keep your voice up. But remember that you won't hurt them so much because you are made by them. And remember this also that you are made by them but not always for them. You are made for this world more... More than your parent's happiness and their wish!

Is it your fault or your Parent's

Your parents are the most caring one on this planet for you. They want your best in every field and time, whether it is of the present time or of the future. They are concern about you. They become sensitive in every matter related to you. And this could be the reason why they put so much restriction or why they are so strict. So it is not their fault that why they care about you. But somewhere they fail in understanding their children, maybe because of the generation gap.

So it is our duty to make them understand our priorities and needs. We have to tell them that time has changed. Their world is different from ours. But if we are not trying to tell them or to make them aware of our needs according to time then it is totally our fault. We have to fill that gap between the two generations. We should take a step backward and our parents should take a step forward so that we become closer to each other.