A Goal is an idea that people plan for future in achieving their aim or ambition. People sometimes call it the aim or ambition. They also set some duration for goals, so that they can achieve it in planned time. But what we have to keep in mind is to focus on that particular goal. The goal is something that should be well planned and well executed, so we have to give our time to it and we have to focus on it which is a difficult task to do. It is very common among people that they set a goal but not time duration, they know what they have to achieve but they don't know how they can achieve it, they know how to plan but they never follow that plan. And these all things lead to the failure of that person towards his or her goal.

Most of the people think that they need to set a proper plan, which is correct but it should be just 'a plan'.

An example of just a plan

Suppose there is a person who has a goal and he planned a plan and gave it a name, PLAN A. He also set some time duration, steps for achieving that goal, and also that kind of environment that will help him or her in achieving that particular goal. He or She is giving proper time and following all the steps. So, this is a perfect example of the process of achieving a goal. But what if that person will come up with another plan as a backup and he or she named that plan as PLAN B. It means that they are not sure about their goals. They have somewhere lost that focus and passion towards their goal. Making or planning a backup plan may sound wise but it is not so wise. It shows how weak you are and how diverted you are. Until and unless you won't be giving your all upon that particular ambition or goal, you won't be getting anything. It simply means that you cannot expect anything from yourself as you are weaker and not so confident enough to stick upon a plan.

So what you have to do is just to focus upon a goal and not to divert yourself in the name of backup plan. It won't lead you to some great achievement. Once you are diverted then you are finished. It is very necessary to give time and hard work to your particular aim so that you can and will achieve it someday. Maybe late or maybe as not per plan but you will get it. And if you won't be getting it as per your planned time duration that means it is showing you that you are not well prepared yet. So it is better to have one thing in mind than to have many things because at last, it will lead you to confusion.