What is a problem?

‘Problems’ by just saying the word flashes of all the problems we have in our lives comes to the mind. Basically what is a problem? What I used to believe was that it is a barrier which is kind of stopping me to move ahead in my life and to achieve my goal. Is it really true? This question came to my mind when some days back I was reading a book.

Human beings in this world are fighting the hardships daily to get rid of their 'problems' and to get ultimate 'happiness' but still they are not able to find an end to it. This is because everyone is trying to do which is next to impossible in the present world i.e. getting rid of problems.

Problems are just like endless chain if you try to open one lock of it you end up creating some more locks i.e. solution of one problem leads to creation of another. Does it mean one should not try to solve a problem? No, it doesn't mean like that. It is just to accept that one continuous thing existing in our life is problem and another continuous thing we want in our life is happiness. If both are continuous then why not merge them.

How people deal with it?

There are mainly two common ways by which people deal with their problems:

  • Deny: Deny is to completely ignore that any problem exist in their life. It makes the person to feel good at the beginning but makes the life miserable in the end.

  • Blaming: There is a need to understand a fact by every human being that he is the only responsible person for everything happening in his life. It is his choice only. People who don't understand it try to get away from their problem by blaming others for it.

Denying and blaming may handle the problem for a certain amount of time but they are of no use for living the whole life.

What’s ultimate solution to it?

The very obvious thing which everyone needs to keep in their mind is there is no ultimate solution to the problems. One should remember that every problem of mine would land me in another one but if I enjoy the process of solving the problem and search my satisfaction in it then these problems would not be a burden on me instead would be a key to my happiness. Problem seems a problem because we look at it as a barrier but if we change our perception about it then it might seem as the only continuous source of happiness. I feel it is the best way to deal with problems and enjoy happiness in life.

Problems -> Solution -> Happiness