Its already the month of February and love week has begun to blossom the emotion of love, care, and happiness around you. The purpose of love week from seven february to fourteen february is to spread and express love to your better half. Mostly people interpret this idea only for romantic couples. But love is not an emotion to be expressed/felt with your partner, but also with your family, friends, siblings and anybody with whom you share a special bond with. Below are some interesting ideas to celebrate Love week, if you are single or a concerned member of the society.

The beginning of this week is started by Rose day. A rose can be red or yellow or white. Give a blossoming fragnant rose to your best friend to make him/her feel special. Take a tray of coffee and morning snacks with rose for your parents to show how much you love and respect them. Gift a beautiful rose to kids on footpath to make their day beautiful. You can also give a white rose for peace to renew your broken friendships. Like a beautiful rose can increase the beauty of garden, similarly be someone's rose in their life.

The next is propose day. This day is basically to confess and express your feelings to your partner. But can also be celebrated to express your feelings to your parents. Make a small greeting card or buy some flowers for them, so they feel overwhelmed and proud to be your parents. Express your emotions to your friends and thank them for being by your side in the difficult situations.

Spread love and happiness by distributing chocolates. In the world of selfish people, be someone's santa. Share affection of giving selflessly, without expecting to take. Buy few chocolates and distribute to kids near footpaths and see the broad smile on thier face. They will bless you for treating them this way.

On the ocassion of teddy day, gift your younger sister a teddy and let her know you will protect her all her life. The festival of raksha bandhan is not only the day to make her happy and realise how important she is. You will realise the act of giving selfllessly with gratitude is satisfactory.

Promise yourself to believe your intrinsic potential to let go the pains and filth this world gave. Promise not to let yourself down and stay strong. Promise your parents to never break their trust and make them proud one day. Promise your friends to stay by their side in every situation. Promise god that you will help the needy ones and create bliss around youself.

On the ocassion of Valentine's day, go for a dinner with your family or friends. You can also visit a NGO and enjoy being with them. Take some gifts/necessities to make their day happy. Visit any ashram nearby your home and donate some wearable clothes. Lets make this love week, a week of spreading smiles and happiness around ourselves.