Today I’m sitting in my room all alone contemplating about my emotions and everything we go through when we are in love!

Why do we fall in love?

Because we want to feel special ?

Because we want to escape ordinary?

Because we feel happy while in love?

Because we love for just loving that one person with everything we have?


We love because we are human. Love is a vast term to be defined in just a line or just by pointing at your favourite human on this planet. Love is all around us. It just takes your soul and belief to believe in it.

Let me tell you a story!

There’s a girl who falls in love for the first time.

Puts in everything she had. Suffers, suffocates, loves, cries, holds on and finds him cheating. So imagine all of this for nothing! She gave her all and instantly in a snap of a finger lost it all. She gets crazy, she gets into depression. Then she tries to pull herself up. She becomes who she was not. Because she was vulnerable. She becomes hard as rock and heartless with no emotions to be given to another soul. She started believing in the non existence of love.

For her the world becomes monochrome.

Then walks in another guy after a year with a lot more to offer. This guy pulls her heart up. Gets all those emotions alive once more. Puts deep efforts to make her believe in love.

She is still contemplating about her feelings. She is afraid, she is insecure and no matter how much she tried she couldn’t make him happy. And then the day comes when the guy who painted her world all colourful, who pulled her up, who made her believe in second love ,who promised not to give up, gives up on her. Only if she knew that he picked her up inorder to throw her further down.She is shattered. To the point where she lost the will to try. She lost the will to hold on. On what grounds would she try to make him love her? How can someone unlove someone so easy?

I’ll tell you why! Because if you can give up on somebody so easy then it’s not love honey. Love is when you are ready to cross every ocean with each other. Be it water or fire!

I have to tell you this- Don’t make your home inside anybody else ever. This world is indifferent and uncertain. People come and go like seasons and what do we do with seasons? Can we hold on to it? No! We cannot.

So darling, if they’ve decided to walk away from your life let them go. Who’s meant to be will stay no matter how hard you are to handle.

Also, on the other part, if you ever love somebody so much be vocal about it. Don’t let a single day pass without letting that person know that you love them. Because you don’t know when you may lose them. You don’t know which season stays and makes an impact on you.

And I hope nobody is willing to lose their sunshine. Try until you have a reason to hold on. When you don’t find one and the better half has decided to go with utter happiness, Let them! Because setting free is all it’s about.

Till then hold them tight. Because love is rare to find.