One of the interesting stages in my life that gave me an opportunity to explore is Hansraj. Hansraj is one of the reputed college in North Campus where you will find a big bunch of talented and cool people altogether .People here are very helpful and soft-hearted.From students to teachers and from non-teaching staff to guard uncle all are very soft-spoken.

The evergreen chilling zone for every student is LP aka lovers point. Here you would find more attendance than in the lectures. Also, ground is the best place to sit in the winters under the bright sky. You can grab some coffee or snacks from canteen/mother dairy and chill out your mood. The eateries are satisfactory and pocket friendly. The attendants seem very familiar now and are very attentive. You can find every kind of freshly cooked food and fresh juices.

College life is never complete without being a part of society. All the societies like Oorja, Kalakriti, Kavyanjali and others are competitive and hard working.Also, they are amazing and active.You feel so overwhelmed and happy because society is like second family away from home. And if you are a book lover, the library is very well structured and provides you with endless number of various interesting and relevant books in and out the course. The newbies and oldies flank the best faculty round the campus. We have the best experienced professors and advisers in every department.

The only drawback of the college is the compulsory attendance system. But it is compensated by 'saturday' as a non-working day. No other college has an advanatage like this in North Campus. The crowd at Hansraj, miniskirts, leather jackets, hunks, queens, you will find here. Not only the students but dogs are friendly and loyal. Just like students have their names,similarly here dogs are also recognised by names. They gaze into your eyes and talk to you. The list of amazing alumni's is really long-Shahrukh Khan, Ranvijay and Anurag Kashyap and it continues.

Hansraj is the best college in North Campus. I never imagined I would have such a great experience on my own for the very first time. I have met amazing people and learn something new everyday. It also taught me to deal with difficult and complicated situations. If I would have been in some other college , I would not have been blossoming and blooming today.