When you step out of school, you enter a new phase of your life. At school, things were relatively simpler than this phase because you had parents and teachers to support you. Everyone imagines their college life like Siddharth and Alia from 'student of the year' but thats bollywood my friend. When you arrive on campus, your imagination is broken into pieces of reality. However, soon you learn to accept things as they are and cope up and manage things accordingly.

The best part of college life is meeting and interaction with so many new kinds of people. Within your close knit town, you never had an opportunity to meet people out of your community. But college is a place where you will meet people from every culture, background, state and community. Your practical knowledge is gradually improved about your surroundings. It is the best benefit of three/four years graduation life. Try and talk to people around you. Dont hesitate or feel shy. Everybody needs a friend, so do not lose your self esteem and go in the fear of being alone. Take a step, express your thoughts and impress them with your talent.

Societies are the best part of college life. Honestly, they get hectic sometimes and spoils your daily schedule. But gradually with time it becomes a part of your schedule. Society people are like family away from home. You get opportunity to explore yourself better and better. Going for competitions, dance battles, exhibitions or debate competitions develops your overall personality and you also realise your own worth. They open up a world for you. Apart from whatever it teaches you, you make close bonds and do a lot of insane activities and live the best moments of your life.

The first semester blues/freshmen year can be full of nostalgia. You may feel homesick or difficult to begin a new life in a new city. Its really unsettling at a place, where everything is so new. You may find that going college is no worth and kinda dissapointed with your life. But the best way to overcome these situations is talk to people. Interaction takes you to meet like-minded people and enter a comfort zone. Things dont change overnight, it takes time. College is not about attending classes alone, but to convert those lectures into fun time. It is never too late to start a new beginning.

Development is a never ending process. You have a great opportuity to develop yourself within three years of college life. Developmemt can be learning a new skill or a new language. Try to improve your weakness and overcome your shortcomings. These three years prepare you for the rest years of your life. It teaches you to get prepare for your career and provides direction accordingly. Doing an internship within these years can be really helpful for the future.

School life is a period of twelve years, but college life is just three years. You wont realise how fast this beautiful journey will come to an end. From the freshmen look to wearning sarees and suits at your fairwell, looking at the walls of your college and realising how strong the power of time can be. Make the best out of these three years, explore and get ready to enter way of the world.