Don't Let The Reel To Conquer Your Real Life

Kritika Jain
Jul 01, 2019   •  15 views

Guys its just a normal thing that we do in our daily basis i guess everyone who are holding their smartphones in their hands that weare just exchanging the "A" with "E" from our real life. The difference from our live of being "actual" has lost somewhere.

As, nowdays we all are like

Let me capture ,

Let me post,

Let me see,

Let me like,

Let me comment,

Let me share,

In all this we just had forgotten to "Let the moment be ours".

I guess i'm not wrong over here, we all are doing the same thing . No matter what we like to do or what we want to do , we are just doing those things what our social life expect us to do.

Guys,have you ever thought that why its so amazing when we hear something from others like our parents , grand parents because they didn't capured,they just lived the moment in which they were. They share their experiences and emotions that they actually lived for that moment.

Its very interesting to live the moment and let that moment be yours because no one is going to judge you, suggest you and interrupt you to be yourself.What ? Don't you agree . Okay, let me explain through an example that living a moment is far better then capturing it for others.

When we play games we live that moment for the fullest because we are not busy to capture, posting ,etc inspite of that we get involved in that moment by living that moment and gathering memories of the moment for live.

Capturing the moments from life should be to decorate the palette of memories to re-paint the moments in our life again. Not to share it with others to make them know what we are doing? , what we did? and what we are going to do? It should be our own moment that we will capture for ourself not for others. I guess thats why when I turn the pages of albums of my childhood memories and listening about those moments from my family seems me more interesting then reading the comments on social media from others on pictures that I shared because those pictures doesn't connect me with my real life they just keep me connected to reel of the social media that keeps on rolling my moments like a story reel of movie for others.

So, from this I realised that Social media is a way to connect to other not to make it a medium that may connectme to others but makeme loose myself from me.

So, next time from now just capture a pictures , vedios for yourself not for others because when you will capture it to post it, to share it others will enjoy the moment but when you will live it and capture it for yourself then you will collect a memory for yourself to relive that moment of your life.

Just let your real life , a real life for your ownself and for others also don't make it reel life, an amusment for others.