I was just listening the song "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran and it got me to take a tour of my phone gallery. You know that feeling, the one you get when you scroll through the old photographs. The one's that you clicked on your school farewell, or the ones you captured of the rainy day sipping coffee with the Oh! so perfect love story book. Not to be nostalgic, or anything, but how can I not be, when the picture of my first crush is right there in front of me?

And as thoughts lead to thoughts, (off topic but our human thinking capabilities still amaze me) I went into an analysis of the last year, One of the least favourite years of almost everyone.

So much did happen! Never in my wildest imagination, Did I ever think of a worldwide lock down! It still feels surreal. This fast pacing, money minded population on a stand still, sitting in their homes, actually talking to their loved ones. So many protests happening all around. The recent stupid and painful judgements by the courts which I am not getting into right now, to spare a whole thesis of how wrong the judgement was.

And just recently I got to spend 3 days without internet (out of necessity) but still counts. It got me thinking how bound by technology are we!? Living without connecting the lives with social media is kinda hard and honestly that's the saddest thing I have heard in a while.


Everything is so temporary, ain't it?
One moment I was talking about my first crush with butterflies in my stomach and the second moment I am making a mental note of everything that's wrong with the world.

In this temporary world, with so many things happening all around all at once, so many deadlines to worry about, so many heartbreaks to deal with, so many commitments to make, so many relationships to break and to consider all the things that need to be worried about.

Just take a moment. Breathe. Switch off the net. Zone out of this bad -bad world. Smile. Cry. Relive the moments. Or do nothing at all. But Live.