Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity

Life is an amalgamation of good and bad times and circumstances, otherwise, it is just an unrealistic fantasy! True to this statement, every human being in this world goes through his/her share of ups and downs. While the good and satisfying times bring joy and cheerfulness in our lives, adverse times are the ones that inscript reality and the challenges of the world.

Just think about how adverse times lead to Jews and Indians rising from ashes even amidst extreme catastrophes poised by Nazis and British. They successfully justified, just how sweet uses of adversity can be! In spite of being mercilessly exploited by powerful back in the day, they are subjected to respect in every corner of the world because of the strength and determination they portrayed during tragic times.

William Shakespeare remarkably once said, “There Is No Teacher Like Adversity.” In his renowned pastoral comic opera As You Like It. Some of the most veracious words ever said, challenging and adverse times give life-long lessons and values like no other. Apart from the obvious situation of poverty, adversity comes in many shapes and forms. It can be disguised as a financial crisis, incurable health conditions, and irrational expectations, lack of emotional support, unsuccessful dreams, and ambitions.  


To revolutionize critical times into a phenomenon of abundant opportunities, an individual being needs to be exceptionally rational. Acceptance and tolerance are the guiding keys to surviving any crisis.

Many people tend to deal with hard times through anger which results in a mental breakdown or worse, they end up surrendering their aspirations. History has witnessed numerous inspiring personalities who did not give up during their setbacks, instead, they showed a great spirit of willpower and stubbornness.

Stephen King, Thomas Alva Edison, and J.K Rowling are just a few to name. Stories of these people make us realize how privileged and sheltered our lives are. Another exceptional and life-altering story is of the South Africans who experienced what was probably one of the most adverse and merciless treatment in their own country.

Instead of giving up or resorting to violence, they fought back like true warriors and displayed the greatest sense of humanity.

Adversity can prove to be a source of a myriad of realizations and empowering in an individual’s life. One just needs to be positive and persuasive in such times. In conclusion, there is no way of avoiding adversity. After all, a life full of comforts is practically boring!

You can’t call yourself successful if you’ve never encountered failure.