It is never too late to mend.

This saying is quite true and realistic. This means that there is always time enough for us to rectify and improve ourselves or correct matters which have gone wrong. We are often inclined to lapse into laziness and put off tasks we must do and the problems we must solve. But procrastination is the thief of time, and at last, we may sadly come to realize that little time is left for work that must be done. Thinking that now it is impossible to complete the job in time, we give way to despair and do nothing. The consequences of such an attitude are disastrous for us.

We are human beings after all. We are bound to make mistakes. Making mistakes is fine if you have the courage to mend things too. Whenever things go wrong, it is your responsibility to make it right. To resolve them too. If we give sincere efforts towards fixing something, it is bound to get
fixed. The same goes for people. If you do them wrong and apologize sincerely for it, they will also forgive you. Broken things might take time to mend, but they do. They don’t remain broken forever.

The wise and pithy proverb gives us a message of hope. Even if things have gone wrong because we have neglected a matter or have lost time in laziness, it is not altogether a loss in the first place. We should never give up. It is never too late to pursue our dreams with added zeal and renewed efforts. Loss of time should not deter us from trying new things. We can always make up for the lost hours. Any time is the right time to correct past mistakes, resume out delayed work or carry it to completion. Given the necessary drive and detremination, zest and zeal, anything can be achieved, whatever the time lost and the opportunities missed. Better late than never.

What is true of our work is also true of our personality and character. Bad habits, and ignorance can be got rid of at any stage of our lives. We are never too old or too late to try and give up our harmful ways of living. If any human being makes up one's mind to turn over a new leaf, then there is no way to stop one from doing so. Indeed it is never too late to mend or to learn.