Whats Mystery About Human?

Being an outsider,i noticed some people characters and their attitude towards the peoples.

Some Peoples are addicted to their Lifestyle.

They want to showcase their Lifestyle and they want to be better than the other peoples . They Judge other peoples by their lifestyle.Eventhough They didnt have the thing ,they want to fake it in social media life.They attract the opposite sex by their lifestyle.Its not about the money,its about mindset.

Some Peoples use Other People to showcase their dominance.

This Kind of People are mostly common,They Want to be the Middle of the attraction.They will offend the other person Eventhough the Other person is better than them.They Want to impress peoples.

Some people Wants to be nice, but the situation Create Different Perspective on them.

And Some people wants to be careless,but they are not.They are the most caring.

Some People is true with their loved ones ,but fake with their other peoples..,

Humans Always Use Humans to impress the Humans.It is Based upon their Priority..