Why Social Media Detox Is Important

Niyati Jaiswal
Jul 26, 2019   •  17 views

Social Media is a web-based platform which helps us to share Ideas, thoughts, and information among the communities. It gives us quick electronic communication of contents like Article, News, Images, videos etc. A person can access social media through a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

Using Social Media is a very powerful way to communicate among the people as it has the ability to connect with anyone in the world and share information instantly.

According to the latest report, there are approximately two Billion Social Media users in the world. The report also said that more than 80% of people between the ages of 18 to 30 used at least one form of Social Media.

Generally, people use Social Media to keep in touch with their friends and family members. Some people use it to share their thoughts, emotions, feelings etc. when some use it finds to find a Job or to network career opportunities.

Reason why social media detox is important

By using social media, a business organization can create a real human connection to the customers

Social Media plays an important role in Lead Generation by offering an easy way for the customers to express interest in their business.

Social Media is becoming the most important part of a sales funnel of any business as a number of people using social media is growing day by day.

Social Media is an excellent platform to promote one’s well-researched content in front of new people to grow the audience base.

Social Media gives business owners the opportunity to connect with their fans and followers every time they log in to their account.

Social Media is a crucial tool for almost all kinds of businesses. Business organizations use this platform to find and engage with customers, generate sales through promotion and advertising and offering customers after sale service and support. Though Social Media is becoming an important part for business organizations, unplanned activities in Social Media can kill a business too.

3 ways to cure social media addiction

1. Review your past posts

As you begin working on combating your social networking addiction, you should first work to understand your social media usage. Take some time to review your posts from the past week or month. Write down how many things you posted in order to assess their frequency. Consider whether all the things you posted were necessary.

2. Track your time online

If you are unsure of the extent of your addiction, you can determine how much time you spend by tracking your usage. Make a tick mark in a notebook each time you check a site. A more advanced and accurate way to determine usage, however, is to download an app designed to do so. Apps like QualityTime keep a count of how much time you spend on each social media site.

3. Acknowledge your addiction

Consider the times when others have constantly made comments to you about always being on social media. Think also of the times that you find yourself unable to keep up with your responsibilities. If you notice a pattern, then it is time to admit that you have a problem. Make a pact to commit to improving your situation. Remember that overcoming your denial and acknowledging your problem are the first steps.